With the promise of building sky for the foundation of the society, the common man. A vision of
providing wings to reach the limitless and beyond to acquired wealth and richness, Mr. Ravinder
Soni, the CEO and Mr. Suraj Jumani, the COO of Bluechip Group of Companies had grand
inauguration of the “Bluechip Token” and “Acre N Yard” at the grand Palazzo Versace Hotel on
11th June 2022.

“Everyone should get the wealth and live their dreams, we are here to make their dreams into
reality” with passionate and optimistic welcoming words from the CEO Mr. Soni, the stage was
set for the questionnaires. With the strong belief in Bluechip’s dream, the modern messiah, the
Covid soldier and the brand ambassador of the company, actor Sonu Sood spoke about his
association with the company as he connected himself well with their vision and intentions of
doing best for the society and its individuals.

In between the crypto and technical questions, some light moments were shared as well. Among
other noted celebrities that shared the stage were Indian WWE Wrestling Champion, The Great
Khali, Dr. Sanket Bhosle and Sugandha Mishra. Mrs. Universe Dubai Pamela Serena was also a
charming and significant attendee of the event. Upcoming digital magazine, ‘Dubai Horizons’
reports “we witnessed a fabulous forum jointly shared by intellectuals of future currency and
self-made celebrities”

A takeaway for esteemed Media attendees and the audience was, “Research and Rebuild”. The
world is changing and even with all the denials, discussions and reasons unarguably Crypto is the
reality and will be having a substantive role in the future of digital currency which is most likely
going to cover a major and large share of the prospective financial market. With the research and
studies, one surely will be able to rebuild and revise their respective fortunes.

To get more information, check Blue Chip Investments Website – https://investbluechip.com/