Celebrate the flavourful Pakistani Delicacies this March at Sthan Dubai. Binge on the special limited period Lahori Menu, available till 1st April. Known for serving flavours beyond borders from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, the home-grown restaurant Sthan is celebrating a special cuisine from Pakistan. 

Sthan Dubai is a casual dining concept that offers the choicest delicacies from Afghanistan, Pakistan and India for patrons to discover the rich and varied heritage of the region.

Sthan has launched the Lahori food festival to dedicate the month of March to some of the finest meat dishes from the frontier region. The festival is on from 1st March and is available till 1st April, on all seven days.

Special lahori Menu At Sthan Dubai

Some of the highlighted delicacies from the limited period Lahori Menu include:  

Murg Yakhni Soup (AED 14): Slow-Cooked Chicken Spiked with Black Pepper 
Shaami Kebab (AED 22): Minced tender lamb and chana daal kebab, pan fried and served with onion lachha 
Chicken Karahi (AED 25): Chicken Cooked in iron wok with tomatoes, green chillies and ginger 

Mutton Karahi (AED 32): Slow cooked tender mutton in rich tomato onion gravy, finished with green chilli and ginger julienne
Paya (AED 28): A Delicious Lahori Style Lamb trotter Stew Cooked on a Slow Flame 
Mutton Pulao (AED 39): Bone on Mutton cooked with Basmati Rice in meat Stock and Aromatics 
Kheer (AED 18): Rice Cooked along with milk and garnished with nuts