The world we live in today and the situations surrounding us are far from normal. After many reality checks, we have recognized the struggle people are going through. During these tough and uncertain times, a majority of people are struggling to fulfill their financial needs. This reflects terribly on people less fortunate who are not even getting their basic needs met. In these difficult times, people around the world are helping each other. It is really great to see people take a step towards helping those in need and it can actually make a difference even through the smallest efforts.

This Ramadan, Rihea Sadarangani, Founder of Iconic Episode decided to do her bit and came up with an idea to give back to the people in need during this Holy Month of Ramadan. She partnered up with a team of Volunteers who go by the name of ‘Magical Smiles UAE Volunteering team’. A team of 10 plus people led by Tara Shah Khan. Tara is a social worker and is Licensed under CDA in Dubai.

She helped The Iconic Team organize a Food distribution drive in a Camp in the Sonapur Area. The camp is home to a huge number of laborers, some of whom do not even have the proper financial aid to fulfill their basic needs.

Around 15 people came forward for this amazing initiative and helped us arrange food for 300 plus people. We distributed boxes of Iftar Meals made by Dhaba Lane Restaurant in Al Karama. The restaurant gladly prepared a ‘Dhaba Lane Care box’ and included a few items as requested by us.

It was a proud yet emotional moment for all of us to be able to pull this off and be able to give back to our community in this small way possible for us. Small gestures do matter, and this was just one small step from our end. We really look forward to more people to coming forward and helping us make a difference.

A group of 15 people organized meals for about 300 people. Let’s aim for a higher number and help the people in need. Together, we can make differences in the lives of a few people and in this world that is yearning for kindness. As Ramadan is said to be a month of giving, we all should come together and be a part of this great cause.

At Iconic Episode, we always aim to provide value to the community – through our blogs, through the content we put out and through our actions as well. We hope we can spread key messages and extend a helping hand whenever possible. Through our actions, we also wish to inspire people to take a stand and do their bits to make this world a happier place!