Star, a UAE homegrown beverage brand manufactured by Sharjah-based International Beverage and Filling Industries (IBFI) has launched the Star 100% Juice range to cater to the growing demand for healthier beverage options triggered by a rapid shift in consumer preference towards a healthy lifestyle.

In response to a market trend that features a year-on-year average growth of 40 per cent in the 100% juice category, Star has introduced its 100% juice range in three delightfully delicious flavors of orange, apple and mix fruit.

Available in leading retail outlets, Star’s latest innovative and healthy product offering comes in attractive 1-litre and 200 ml bottle packaging.

“As a well-loved and trusted brand by households for many years now, Star has always been responsive to the needs and wants of its loyal customers, as well as to today’s young generation,” said Mustafa Saeed, Head of Marketing and Innovation at IBFI. “With a rise in health awareness among consumers and their growing preference for healthier options in beverage intake, IBFI’s focus on innovation and unique offerings have resulted in the launch of Star’s 100% Juice line that will surely cater to every consumer’s need for refreshments while benefitting from natural vitamins and nutrients it contains. I am therefore confident that Star 100% Juice will also be a big hit in the UAE and across the region.”

STAR Juice is produced by International Beverages and Filling Industries (IBFI), part of the Albatha group, a major business conglomerate in the UAE, with over 32 operating units.

IBFI was established in Sharjah in 1992, as a purpose-built Beverage Manufacturing and Filling unit, certified to the highest international food safety standards ready to produce Pet Bottled Juices and Canned Carbonated Soft Drinks.