Hey there, foodies and adventurers! Dubai’s own culinary paradise, Mama Zonia, is back with a bang in September 2023. Nestled snugly in the heart of Dubai Marina, this restaurant, inspired by the Amazon rainforest, is about to take your taste buds on a wild ride.

Hold onto your seats, because Mama Zonia’s menu just got a makeover that’s got foodies buzzing. Chef Cesar Contreras Crisologo, who’s got some Peruvian magic up his sleeve, has cooked up 16 new dishes that are a total game-changer. Brace yourselves for a fusion of flavors like never before.

Ready to dive into this culinary jungle? The starters are where the party begins. Imagine biting into the Salmon Tartare Pani Puri, savoring the Tuna Tataki, or refreshing your palate with the Sea Bream Ceviche. These dishes are like a ticket to the heart of the Amazon.

For the main act, Mama Zonia has a treat in store. The Confit Duck Cazuela, the Smoked Rack Lamb, and the Chateaubriand Black Angus are the headliners here. Each dish is a masterpiece, promising to transport you to food heaven. What’s a meal without dessert, right? Mama Zonia’s classic Caramel Milk Cheesecake is the stuff dreams are made of. It’s the sweet ending your taste buds deserve.

The restaurant’s interiors are a jungle paradise, complete with lush greenery and a vibrant atmosphere. Whether it’s a date night or a night out with friends, Mama Zonia sets the scene perfectly. While we’re raving about the new menu, don’t forget Mama Zonia’s classic favorites. Raw dishes, salads, sushi, you name it – they’ve got it all. It’s a food lover’s dream.

Mama Zonia isn’t just about food. They’ve got a calendar full of events to keep things exciting. From Ladies’ Night to the quirky “Your Best Misteak,” there’s always something going on at this Marina hotspot.

So, there you have it, folks. Mama Zonia is your passport to a culinary adventure that’s beyond words. Dive into the flavors of the Amazon right here in Dubai Marina. It’s not just a meal; it’s an epic journey for your taste buds. Come join the feast and let your foodie instincts run wild!

Bookings: For reservations, call +971 4 240 4747.

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