Ramadan is a time for togetherness, reflection, and of course, delicious food. This year, why not experience the holy month with a unique twist? Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and flavors of Palestine at Souk Deeritna @ RAW Coffee, a captivating Iftar event hosted by RAW Coffee Company in collaboration with Dish Catering & Events and Deeritna Catering.

More than just a meal, this event is a journey. As you step into the beautifully decorated space adorned with Palestinian art, you’ll be transported to a vibrant souk filled with hope and resilience. The air will be rich with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and traditional spices, whetting your appetite for what’s to come.

Prepare to be tantalized by a symphony of authentic Palestinian dishes. Live cooking stations will showcase culinary artistry, offering everything from refreshing salads and mezze platters to mouthwatering main courses presented tableside. Indulge in floral-infused beverages and traditional drinks, each sip complementing the theme of “Let’s Bloom in Hope.”

But the experience doesn’t end there! Engage in fun activities with your family: let your kids unleash their creativity in post-Iftar workshops, browse for unique Palestinian art and merchandise, and support local artisans. Souk Deeritna @ RAW Coffee is more than just a meal; it’s a celebration of community, culture, and the spirit of Ramadan.

Experience the magic for yourself! Savor authentic Palestinian cuisine rooted in tradition, immerse yourself in cultural richness, and contribute to a worthy cause – a portion of proceeds benefit Tarahum for Gaza through Red Crescent UAE. Enjoy spacious parking and a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for creating lasting Ramadan memories.

Don’t miss this extraordinary experience. Book your table at Souk Deeritna @ RAW Coffee today! Remember, Mondays are off, but the rest of Ramadan awaits your culinary adventure. Call or WhatsApp 0526988428 to embark on this cultural journey through Palestine!

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