Dubai’s vibrant energy was elevated to new heights on August 28, 2023, as the city played host to the 3rd edition of the captivating Abaya Rally. This trailblazing event, held at the Dubai Autodrome Club Circuit, marked a powerful celebration of Emirati Women’s Day, highlighting the strength, ambition, and unity of women in the UAE. The rally’s unique blend of adventure, empowerment, and glitz set the stage for an unforgettable experience that defied stereotypes and embraced progress.

Picture this: 200 determined women, dressed elegantly in abayas, revved up their engines, ready to take on the track. The roar of engines echoed the determination of these women to break through societal barriers and move towards a sustainable future, making a statement that resonated far beyond the racetrack.

But the Abaya Rally wasn’t just about speed and excitement; it was a powerful symbol of heritage and identity. The abaya, a cherished cultural garment, took center stage as a representation of the deep-rooted tradition and respected culture of Emirati women. As the rally progressed, the message was clear: the abaya is not just a piece of clothing, but a source of pride and strength that embodies the UAE’s rich history and the spirit of its women.

The journey didn’t end at the racetrack – it continued to the iconic Museum of the Future, where distinguished guests, achievers, and partners gathered. The event buzzed with energy as attendees witnessed a Women of Achievement awards ceremony, a panel discussion, and an exquisite Abaya Fashion Show. Luxury abaya brand Hanayen and Swarovski joined forces to curate a stunning display, while Al Fardan added a touch of elegance with their exquisite jewelry.

Emirati Women’s Day wasn’t just about celebration; it was about recognizing those who make a difference. Fifteen accomplished Emirati women achievers were honored with the Emirati Woman of Achievement Awards. Among them were 15 exceptional women officers from the Dubai Police Force, who were commended for their dedication and excellence in serving the nation.

The event’s discussions were as inspiring as the spectacle itself. A panel titled ‘Driving Change: Empowering & Inspiring Change for a Sustainable Future’ featured accomplished women who shared their insights. Eng. Maitha Alblooshi, Ghada Al Fardan, Helena Hijazi, Dr. Majida Al Azazi, and Pallavi Puri engaged in a dialogue that echoed the event’s theme, ‘We collaborate for tomorrow’. Dr. Majida Al Azazi, a panelist, encapsulated the spirit perfectly: “Emirati women did not stop at being half of society, but rather proved that they are an accomplished and essential part of it in building the nation and its renaissance.”

The Abaya Rally was not just an event; it was a movement powered by the commitment of partners like Castrol Lubricants Middle East. Jayakumar Natarajan, Marketing Director, expressed, “Empowerment fuels progress, just like Castrol EDGE powers engines.” Castrol celebrated the empowerment of women by featuring 10 inspiring women from the motoring community in an empowering campaign.

Organized by Orbit Events & Promotions, the event received overwhelming support from a curated list of brands, each adding their unique flair to the celebration. From Alfardan Jewellery to FitnGlam, and from Hanayen to Swarovski, each partner contributed to the event’s success, aligning with the country’s vision to empower women and promote their effective contribution to development.

Pragna Vaya, Managing Director of Orbit Events and Promotions, encapsulated the rally’s essence: “Witnessing the transformation of Abaya Rally into what it is today overwhelms us with the realization of how empowerment and unity can beautifully shape the future.”

As the engines roared and the abayas flowed, the Abaya Rally wasn’t just an event; it was a symphony of empowerment, unity, and progress that echoed across the UAE. It stood as a testament to the unwavering determination of Emirati women to break barriers, redefine norms, and accelerate towards a brighter future!

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