Ajmal Perfumes, the esteemed perfume connoisseur with a seven-decade legacy, proudly unveils its latest olfactory masterpiece, ‘Shadow Ice.’ This captivating fragrance embodies the ethereal beauty and intrigue of the night, designed to leave an indelible impression and enchant all who encounter it.

‘Shadow Ice’ is a fragrance that flawlessly combines the darkness and mystique of the night with the refreshing coolness of ice. Crafted by Ajmal Perfume’s team of renowned perfumers, this scent resonates with individuals seeking a touch of coolness and unparalleled style. Like a moonlit journey through a hidden forest, it unravels a tapestry of scents that stand at the forefront of current trends.

Inspired by the enigmatic allure of the moon casting its icy glow upon the world, ‘Shadow Ice’ exudes an air of mystery and sophistication. Its composition begins with a burst of crisp, invigorating top notes of bergamot and mandarin. As the fragrance unfolds, it reveals an enchanting heart of floral notes, including roses, jasmine, lavender, and geranium. Finally, the base notes of wood, nutmeg, pink pepper, sandalwood, and musk create a captivating trail that lingers in the memory, akin to an icy whisper in the night. The sleek and modern bottle design of ‘Shadow Ice’ perfectly reflects its essence, combining deep blue and silver tones that mirror the interplay between shadows and moonlight.

Abdulla Ajmal, CEO of Ajmal Perfumes, shares his vision for the fragrance: “I believe that a fragrance has the power to transport you to another world, to awaken memories, and to inspire confidence. This is why we crafted ‘Shadow Ice’ with the utmost precision and passion, and it is truly a testament to Ajmal Perfumes’ commitment to excellence in perfumery.”

To celebrate the launch of ‘Shadow Ice,’ Ajmal Perfumes is pleased to partner with leading luxury retailers and boutiques worldwide. The fragrance is now available for purchase at all Ajmal Showrooms and through the online platform www.shop.ajmalperfume.com for AED 157.50 + VAT for a 75 ml bottle across the GCC. This ensures that fragrance connoisseurs from around the globe can experience the captivating magic of ‘Shadow Ice’ firsthand.

Indulge in the allure of the night and embrace the captivating coolness of ‘Shadow Ice’ by Ajmal Perfumes. Discover a fragrance that transcends time, evokes emotions, and leaves an unforgettable impression!