Dubai remains at the forefront of fascination as BBC Three prepares to launch another riveting series of its acclaimed factual entertainment show, ‘Dubai Hustle.’ Scheduled to premiere on January 2nd, the series offers an intimate look into the lives of haus & haus brokers navigating the competitive real estate sphere in the city.

This new season promises to continue the captivating journey of these ambitious property consultants, set against the backdrop of Dubai’s ever-evolving property market. Viewers can expect an enthralling narrative as these individuals strive for success and seek life-changing opportunities in the bustling city.

Joining the familiar faces are a set of fresh cast members, injecting a new wave of anticipation into the show. Chris Lock, Jordan Zakaria, Jake Matthews-Hubbard, Natasha Gorji, Eddie Haley, Adam Kumar, Kerris Ware, and Jessica Sypen bring their unique stories, ambitions, and dynamics to the screen, adding depth to the series.

‘Dubai Hustle’ earned its place on BBC iPlayer’s prestigious ‘Best of 2022’ list, a testament to its popularity and resonance with audiences worldwide. The show’s ability to capture the essence of Dubai’s real estate scene, amidst its spectacular developments and iconic projects, contributed to its acclaim.

James Perry, Managing Director at haus & haus Real Estate, expresses enthusiasm about the upcoming series: “We’re thrilled to showcase the opportunities Dubai offers with ‘Dubai Hustle.’ The positive feedback from viewers globally reaffirms the appeal of the city’s remarkable developments and the drive of those committed to success.”

As ‘Dubai Hustle’ returns, it promises an unfiltered portrayal of the demanding yet rewarding real estate life in Dubai. Through its lens, the series paints a vivid picture of the city’s ever-evolving landscape and the individuals striving to leave their mark in this dynamic industry.

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