National Noodles Day     

National Noodles Day is celebrated annually on 6th October. The word “Noodle” is derived from the German word “nudel”. The rising steam from the bowl of noodles leaves us mouth-watering. Noodles are prepared simply by rolling the unleavened dough out and cutting it into multiple different shapes. Well, we have access to plenty of recipes out there. Not only flat but noodles also come in several forms, textures, and sizes and are served as meals with various sauces.

The Great old noodles

In 2005, a discovery confirmed that Noodles are about 4000 years old and were termed as the world’s oldest noodles. Its origin somewhere revolves around the Han dynasty of China. Thus, both Chinese and Italian can claim about the invention of Noodles. In Chinese culture, noodles are the symbol of longevity and are traditionally served on Chinese New Year (as Birthday noodle cake). The making of Noodles is considered a form of art in Japan.

There is no shortage of countries with their noodles and the possible recipes are endless. We don’t need a food holiday to crave a bowl of noodles, but these days become an excuse to slurp savory noodles. Let’s have a look at more days like National Ramen Day which is celebrated annually on 4th April. Instant Ramen Noodles was Invented in Japan and were considered to be a luxury food item.

People love noodles so much that they have used healthy measures to make them health-conscious as they are made of things like Whole-wheat, Veggie noodles, Soba noodles, Mung beans, and Quinoa.

For National Noodles Day, we visited a few places around Dubai to explore different Noodle options!

Prax’s Dubai- Whether you are having the midday lunchtime cravings, or hunger pangs after a fun night out Prax’s is there for you! The food of the place does justice to its tagline “Hot on Taste, Big on Flavour”. It is a pan-Asian work concept and what you taste is what you like. They serve the perfect blend of yummy and tasty. It is located beside Al Shamil Auctions Jumeirah Street Dubai.

Prax’s – Noodles with Chili Basil Sauce
Picture Courtesy – Hedel Frank

Chin Chin- CHIN CHIN’S has been serving THE BEST ASIAN FUSION FOOD since 2000. The chicken Hakka Noodles from chin chin is an absolute win for me and the family pack can be shared among 3-4 people and is super affordable as well. They provide 24 hours delivering services across Dubai and Sharjah. It has many branches including JLT.

Chin Chin – Chicken Hakka Noodles
Picture Courtesy – Mehwish

Gypsy Chinese-They has a luscious Vegetarian menu and a non-Vegetarian menu that epitomize the Indo-Chinese palate. Triple Schezwan, Chilly Crab meat Stewed Noodles (Non-Veg), and Yong Chow Fried Noodles (Veg) are a must-try for this special occasion. They welcome with courteous hospitality. It is located at Karama, Marina and Dalma Mall Food Court, and Abu Dhabi.

Gypsy Chinese – Hakka Noodles
Picture courtesy – Hania

Wokyo Noodle Bar-Wokyo Noodle Bar is a casual noodle bar with the mission to serve the great noodle tradition. They Create noodle dishes with the perfect flavours, texture, aroma, and slurp factor were the best part. You choose your adventure, point, and create dishes that suit your mood in 3 simple steps. You can choose your sauce, base, and protein (with toppings of your choice). They serve Tossed stir-fries, Noodle Soups, Ramen, sides, Soft serve ice cream, Homebrewed iced teas, and Kids Meal. It is located in JLT and is open daily from 11 am to 12 Midnight.

Wokyo – Build Your Own Bowl
Picture Courtesy –

Maru Udon- Maru Udon brings an extensive menu that includes both traditional, Udon dishes and ramen-style dishes. You can experience an explosion of taste and texture in their cosy and welcoming ambiance. You can build your own Udon noodle bowl at home. They are individually packed so it’s just as fresh as in-store! Niku Beef, Tantan Shezuan, and Paitan Chicken is chef recommended. It is located in Al Ghurair Centre, Al Rigga, Deira, Dubai.

Maru Udon – Moreish Cold Udon
Picture Courtesy – Jen Sahi 

Go with your family or call a few of your friends to enjoy this beautiful day with delicious noodles on the menu!!