Brace yourself for a transformation in your listening experience as the Sleepless in Dubai Podcast emerges to redefine the way you perceive sleep, wellness, and lifestyle. Mark your calendars for Thursday 30 November 2023, as this engaging and enlightening podcast becomes a staple in your playlists.

Co-hosted by Julie Mallon, the esteemed founder of Nurture 2 Sleep, recognized as the Middle East’s Leading Sleep Expert, and Laura Buckwell, an international MCEE and exceptional journalist, this podcast promises a series of enthralling episodes. Listeners will have the privilege of diving deep into conversations with healthcare leaders, educational influencers, and Dubai’s elite, including DJ Bliss, Fozaza, and My Fash Diary.

The excitement crescendos with the debut episode featuring Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban, the esteemed Medical Director of MyPediaClinic. Join Julie and Laura in a thought-provoking discussion as they explore the nexus of Sleep and Pediatrics, unraveling insights into common sleep issues and Dr. Medhat’s inspiring journey in pediatrics.

Julie Mallon, the podcast’s host, expressed her enthusiasm, stating: “We’re thrilled to unveil ‘Sleepless in Dubai,’ a passion project showcasing a stellar guest lineup of experts and Dubai’s A-listers. After months of dedication, we invite Dubai, the UAE, and beyond to join us on this exciting journey across all our platforms. Season 1 promises secrets of sleep, wellness, and lifestyle – it’s truly a VIP pass to waking up rejuvenated!”

Proudly sponsored by Mirabelle Communications, a distinguished global advertising and marketing agency renowned for pioneering campaigns, this podcast offers a fresh perspective on the multifaceted dimensions of sleep.

Tune in to ‘Sleepless in Dubai’ on Youtube, Apple iTunes, Anghami, or Spotify – your gateway to unlocking the profound impact of sleep on our lives.

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