As the calendar flips to December, the aromatic air of celebration envelops Rx Coffee Apothecary & Kitchen, heralding its milestone 5th anniversary on December 13. Commencing from December 8, this Emirati-owned coffee haven embarks on a three-week jubilee, promising an immersive sensory experience woven with vibrant activities and delightful complimentary offerings. It’s time to pencil in joy on your December agenda and revel in the festive spirit with Rx Coffee Apothecary!

To inaugurate this momentous milestone, Rx Coffee Apothecary shines a radiant spotlight on its beloved Rx’ers, honoring the magic of community and friendship. Patrons can bypass the customary coffee purchase and instead secure a charming friendship bracelet for a mere AED 22, receiving a complimentary coffee as a heartwarming gesture of celebration. Collecting five of these friendship bracelets unlocks a special treat – the decadent Silky Cocoa Pudding, available to relish in-store or delivered to savor at home. Snap a picture of your friendship bracelet on Instagram stories for a chance to win this indulgence daily, infusing an extra dose of fun into the jubilations.

For those carrying cherished Rx stamps from Expo 2020, present them to receive a token of appreciation, acknowledging your invaluable contribution to Rx’s heartening journey. Additionally, guests are invited to spin the Anniversary Wheel, offering opportunities to win an array of prizes, from complimentary coffees and desserts to heartwarming gestures like smiles, hugs, and high-fives!

Embrace the winter cheer with Rx’s exclusive seasonal offerings – the indulgent Tiramisu Latte and Matcha Tiramisu Latte. Crafted to perfection, these limited-edition beverages are set to elevate your festive gatherings, bidding adieu to the year on a merry note. Moreover, patrons can seize the chance to purchase limited-edition anniversary coffee bags, featuring 100 grams of Honduras-sourced premium Geisha beans, one of the world’s most exclusive coffee varieties.

Rx Coffee Apothecary extends an exuberant invitation to partake in the joyous revelry marking its 5th anniversary, a momentous milestone in its enduring journey. Beyond the festivities, this celebration stands as a testament to honoring the vibrant community that has transformed Rx into a cherished home for coffee connoisseurs.

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