Sber, a trailblazer in banking and technology, unveiled the results of its 2021-2023 strategy and outlined a visionary roadmap through 2026. At the heart of this strategy lies an evolution toward a human-centric organization while showcasing remarkable growth in its retail and corporate customer base.

During Investor Day, the Sber team presented the outcomes of the 2021-2023 Strategy, marked by a remarkable surge in Sber’s retail customer base, surging by 10 million to reach an impressive 108 million. Simultaneously, it acquired 500,000 new corporate clients, culminating in a robust total of 3.2 million.

The forthcoming Strategy 2026 underpins ambitious financial goals, aiming for a return on equity surpassing 22% annually, with a total capital adequacy ratio of Н20.0 exceeding 13.3%. Furthermore, Sber aims to disburse 50% of its net profit as dividends, signifying a commitment to its shareholders’ interests.

With a transformative vision, Sber sets its sights on a three-year journey towards becoming a human-centric organization. This transformation will encompass three pivotal spheres: technological advancement, redefining the business model, and nurturing a culture centered around people.

Embracing technology, especially artificial intelligence (AI), Sber acknowledges its pivotal role in shaping the present and future. The key lies in harnessing AI to serve humanity, catering to individual aspirations and interests. CEO Herman Gref highlighted the shift towards treating customers beyond mere sources of income, aiming to empower them in an ever-changing world.

Sber envisions AI as mankind’s personal assistant, aiding in processing vast volumes of data, setting goals, prioritizing tasks, and liberating individuals from mundane routines. Gref emphasized Sber’s aspiration to become a trailblazer among human-centric companies, fostering potential amidst the deluge of technology and information.

Herman Gref, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board, reiterated the strategic shift: “We need to learn to treat each of our customers, every human being, as we would treat ourselves.” He envisages AI as an enabler, enhancing capabilities and reducing the burden of routine tasks.

In its pursuit, Sber pledges unwavering dedication to crafting the best customer experience, fortifying performance, ensuring reliability and safety in services, and an accelerated integration of AI across all business facets.

Sber’s commitment to strategic growth, human-centric transformation, and leveraging AI as a force for empowerment reflects a pioneering step towards a tech-enabled future where humanity takes precedence.

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