Ajay Devgn’s VFX studio, NY VFXWAALA, has announced a significant international expansion through a strategic partnership with the acclaimed Swedish studio Goodbye Kansas (GBK). This collaboration marks a major step forward for the Indian VFX company.

The partnership involves two key aspects:

  • Major Stake in GBK: NY VFXWAALA has secured a significant stake in GBK, solidifying their partnership and fostering deeper collaboration.
  • Joint Venture Studio in India: A new joint venture studio will be launched in India, combining the expertise and resources of both companies.

Goodbye Kansas boasts an impressive portfolio, creating cinematic trailers for top video games like Cyberpunk 2077 and God of War, while also delivering exceptional visual effects for projects with HBO, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Their areas of expertise include VFX, FX, CG productions, 3D scanning, digital humans, creature and character design, performance capture, animation, and real-time capabilities.

This partnership is driven by a shared vision for mutual growth. By leveraging their combined creative and technical prowess, NY VFXWAALA and GBK aim to offer premium services to a wider global clientele. The collaboration also extends an invitation to talents from India and Asia to participate in exciting future projects.

The combined efforts will contribute creative and technological expertise to the industry. The focus is on delivering technology-driven visual content to film, TV, and gaming companies across India, Asia, and beyond. Global resource planning is expected to enhance production efficiency and elevate industry standards.

The strategic partnership aims to accelerate revenue growth for both companies. This will be achieved through scalable capacity expansion and intensified sales efforts within existing business segments like VFX, animation, game trailers, and in-game content. Additionally, the partnership will explore new geographical markets and capitalize on the growing trend of outsourcing VFX and gaming content. A global approach to resource planning and talent acquisition is also planned.

The combined scope of services offered by NY VFXWAALA and GBK will strengthen their global presence. The partnership will allow them to strategically exploit opportunities in the Indian games market and other Asian markets. Furthermore, Goodbye Kansas’s state-of-the-art scanning and motion capture studio will extend its services to clients in Asia and beyond.

A collaborative Research and Development (R&D) team will be established by both partners. This team will focus on creating innovative tools and technological advancements to push the boundaries of the industry.

Both NY VFXWAALA and GBK expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership. Ajay Devgn, founder and chairman of NY VFXWAALA, highlighted the company’s commitment to continuous learning and adaptation to the latest technologies. He sees the partnership as an opportunity to expand the NY VFXWAALA family and deliver excellence on a global scale. Goodbye Kansas’s chairman, Per Anders Wärn, echoed the sentiment, calling NY VFXWAALA an ideal partner due to their shared dedication to talent, technology, and storytelling.

Stefan Danieli, CEO of GBK, believes the partnership will significantly contribute to their mutual growth and open doors for expanding production resources and capabilities. Naveen Paul, the creative head and co-founder of NY VFXWAALA, concluded by emphasizing their shared vision of raising quality benchmarks, driving global expansion, and delivering exceptional service to clients worldwide.

This strategic partnership positions NY VFXWAALA for continued growth and solidifies their place as a major player in the global visual effects industry. The company remains committed to raising the bar in the field and attracting top talent from around the world.

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