The sun-kissed shores of Palm Jumeirah welcome a revolutionary addition in 2024 – BCH:CLB, a beach club that transcends the ordinary and introduces a new era of leisure to Dubai’s vibrant scene. Nestled within the opulent confines of W Dubai, this avant-garde beach club redefines poolside relaxation, merging art, entertainment, and Mediterranean flavors into an unparalleled experience.

BCH:CLB beckons with an expansive deck offering panoramic vistas of the Gulf, a canvas for live performances that seamlessly blend relaxed sundowners with eclectic beats, transforming daytime tranquility into nighttime vibrancy. The club’s heartbeat resonates with curated global music, setting the stage for a multifaceted experience.

As the sun sets, the venue pulsates with energy, its vibrant décor and dynamic lighting schemes immersing guests in a sensory delight. The space comes alive with vivid hues and textures, accentuating its daring personality and inviting revelers to be part of an artistic celebration.

Indulgence takes center stage with a menu that transports guests to the coastal landscapes of the Mediterranean. Sip on refreshing cocktails and savor a selection of raw delicacies and Mediterranean-inspired dishes that tantalize the palate. From sunrise to sunset, guests are treated to a gastronomic journey that complements the inviting atmosphere.

For those seeking the pinnacle of BCH:CLB bliss, a range of exclusive offerings awaits. Lounge on daybeds and loungers, starting from AED 300 on weekdays and AED 350 on weekends, fully redeemable for an unrivaled experience. Elevate your indulgence by booking premium double beds, poolside cabanas, or VIP beach houses.

Immerse yourself in this new leisure realm at BCH:CLB @bchclbdxb, where leisure meets luxury and moments turn into memories. Stay tuned for the grand opening party, a celebration that promises to set new benchmarks in Dubai’s entertainment landscape.

Location: BCH:CLB – W Dubai, West Crescent – The Palm Jumeirah
Sunday to Wednesday – 11am to 7pm
Thursday to Saturday – 11am to 12am

Contact Details: Email, Call 04 834 3803 or WhatsApp 058 575 0805