Bestune, the distinguished brand under the FAW Group, recently marked a significant milestone as it celebrated the 70th anniversary of FAW at its Bestune showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road. The event, graced by a high-profile audience comprising media houses, VIPs, art patrons, industry veterans, and influencers, unfolded as a unique fusion of art and automotive excellence.

The Bestune showroom transformed into a canvas of creativity, with artists from across the UAE invited to showcase their talents, adding a distinctive touch to Bestune’s already artistic car designs. The flagship SUV, T99, took center stage, metamorphosed into a work of art through the eloquent strokes of Arabic calligraphy by the talented Rubab Zahra. Phrases like “Drive your Senses” and “Start a new Journey” beautifully encapsulated the essence of Bestune.

Adding a live dynamic to the celebration, Snehita, a gifted artist, created a monumental mural during the event. Conceptualized by Magzoid Magazine, the mural served as a visual narrative of FAW’s seventy years of progress – from pioneering mass vehicle production in China to achieving a yearly output of over four million high-end cars, trucks, and buses, earning FAW a coveted spot on the Fortune 500 list.

Mr. Andrew Squires, CEO of Al Khalid Auto, the official distributor of Bestune in the UAE, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This marks a true milestone for Bestune and FAW, celebrating seventy years of manufacturing excellence. We are thrilled to showcase our history through the lens of art, demonstrating our commitment to design-led vehicles that cater to the diverse needs of our customers. Looking ahead, we remain dedicated to introducing exciting new Bestune products to the UAE market over the next two years, ensuring not only the best vehicles but also exceptional after-sales care.”

The artistic showcase successfully bridged the realms of art and automotive design heritage, underscoring Bestune’s commitment to excellence. This celebration not only paid tribute to the rich legacy of FAW but also set the stage for an exciting future, promising innovation and unparalleled driving experiences for Bestune enthusiasts in the UAE.

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