As the seasons shift, so does our desire for both comfort and style. French lingerie aficionados, Chantelle, have once again redefined the essence of luxurious innerwear with their latest addition to the SoftStretch collection for AW23. Introducing a palette that speaks of elegance and innovation, Chantelle unveils three enchanting shades—Tannin, Oriental Green, and Coffee Latte—ushering in a new era of innerwear that seamlessly marries comfort with sophistication.

In the heart of this collection lies a fabric engineered to embrace and move with the human form effortlessly. Chantelle’s SoftStretch has reimagined comfort, presenting a range that adapts to diverse body silhouettes, transcending shapes and sizes. Crafted from lightweight and seamless material, this collection assures a second-skin experience that flows and breathes, exuding a sense of liberation in motion.

The SoftStretch Collection’s allure extends beyond its comfort prowess. Its sleek construction ensures the disappearance of pesky panty lines, offering an unblemished look under any attire. This ultra-soft, elasticated fabric guarantees all-day comfort without compromise, allowing individuals to embark on their day with absolute ease, whether pursuing an active lifestyle or donning a captivating bodycon dress.

Chantelle’s commitment to inclusivity echoes in their size offerings. From XS to 2XL for bras and a unique one-size-fits-all concept for underwear, the collection leaves no one behind. Ranging from high-waisted briefs to lace options and thongs, SoftStretch harmonizes fashion and functionality, catering to diverse preferences.

The newly unveiled hues in this collection are an ode to versatility. Tannin boasts a rich burgundy, evoking sophistication. Oriental Green brings a touch of exotic allure, while Coffee Latte resonates as a timeless neutral, effortlessly complementing any ensemble or activity.

For those in pursuit of the ultimate fusion of comfort and elegance, Chantelle’s AW23 collection beckons at select locations across the UAE. Explore and indulge in the luxurious experience at Chantelle Boutiques in Dubai Hills Mall, Galeries Lafayette, Debenhams, or simply browse online at

Step into the world of effortless sophistication and comfort with Chantelle’s SoftStretch AW23 Collection, where freedom meets fashion and elegance dances with ease!