As the new year unfolds, Koko Bay welcomes back the enchanting beats of Enigma, their signature organic house music night. Set against the stunning backdrop of Koko Bay, guests are invited to immerse themselves in a vibrant celebration beneath the stars with the magnetic tunes of DJs Álvaro Suárez and Adassiya.

Enigma, a bi-monthly musical journey, promises an electrifying experience featuring renowned international DJs that perfectly complement the popular vibe of Koko Bay.

DJ Álvaro Suárez Takes the Stage – Friday, January 12th

On a Friday night, January 12th, DJ Álvaro Suárez took the stage, immersing the audience in captivating sounds. Renowned for his fusion of organic grooves and diverse musical influences, Álvaro transcended the audience on a musical odyssey. His unique blend of electronic tracks, coupled with captivating live violin performances, created an unforgettable experience that lingered in the soul.

Adassiya’s Musical Brilliance – Friday, January 26th

Mark your calendar for Friday, January 26th, as Adassiya, the multi-talented DJ and vocalist, steps into the spotlight. Bringing her contemporary inspirations to the scene, Adassiya promises an evening of sheer musical brilliance, keeping the party alive with her dynamic and infectious beats.

Don’t miss the mystical night at Koko Bay. The event kicks off at 9 PM, allowing ample time to savor the vibrant beachfront atmosphere and groove to the beats of acclaimed international DJs. It’s an invitation to dance, celebrate, and lose yourself in the magic of music under the stars at Koko Bay’s Enigma.

Price:  Free entry
Time: 9 PM onwards
Date: January 12 – Alvaro Suarez , January 26 – Adassiya
For Reservation: Call +971 4 572 3444

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