The culinary scene in Dubai is about to be enriched with the grand opening of SHIMA, the exquisite Japanese restaurant nestled within the glamorous beachside retreat, LAVITA. As a part of the opulent One Palm Jumeirah Dorchester Collection, SHIMA promises an unrivaled Japanese culinary affair, introducing vibrant flavors and artistic presentations that redefine beachside dining in the city.

Under the culinary stewardship of globally renowned chef Koyi Tanabe, SHIMA is set to elevate the Japanese gastronomy scene in Dubai. Born in Lima, Peru, and with a rich culinary heritage, Tanabe brings 16 years of global experience, having collaborated with celebrity chefs and Michelin Star phenomena across South America, Europe, and now the Middle East.

SHIMA’s carefully curated menu reflects the Japanese philosophy of integrating natural seasonal flavors and traditional ingredients with worldwide culinary techniques. Each dish is a masterpiece, showcasing Tanabe’s commitment to delivering an authentic yet avant-garde dining experience.

Guests at SHIMA can embark on a culinary journey with signature plates that redefine Japanese dining. From the Chutoro Sogigiri at the Sushi Bar, featuring chutoro slices, scallops, mizuna leaves, olive oil, spicy soybean paste, and orange supreme, to the Hamachi Nigiri with mentaiko sauce, garlic confit, and yuzu skin, the menu strikes a delightful balance of savory and citrus notes.

For those inclined towards heated delicacies, SHIMA presents culinary marvels like the Ise Ebi Tempura – lobster tempura with black truffle and coral mayo, and the King Crab Leg cooked in robata with kanimiso, mirin hollandaise, Amalfi lemon gel, and togarashi.

Beyond the culinary delights, SHIMA offers a lavish interior and vibrant atmosphere, seamlessly fusing Japanese artistry with a coastal dining experience. The venue is undoubtedly a must-visit destination, promising an unparalleled blend of flavors, aesthetics, and ambiance.

As SHIMA joins the culinary tapestry of Dubai, get ready to savor Japanese excellence like never before at LAVITA’s glamorous new Beach House!