Hala, Dubai’s leading e-hailing taxi solution, has announced a unique partnership with Rituals Cosmetics, a luxury well-being brand under the Apparel Group. This collaboration introduces Rituals’ signature Amsterdam Collection car fragrance to 1,500 Hala taxis, marking a first in the car fragrance domain for Hala.

Hala aims to elevate the passenger experience by blending comfort, convenience, and an enriched travel ambiance. The introduction of the Amsterdam Collection car perfume, crafted with notes of Dutch Tulip and Japanese Yuzu, adds a refreshing and captivating scent to every ride, transforming mundane journeys into pleasant, sensory experiences.

Khaled Nuseibeh, Chief Executive Officer at Hala, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration:

“The partnership between Hala and Rituals signifies our dedication to enhancing the customer journey. The carefully selected car fragrance not only ensures a comfortable ride but also provides a memorable experience for both tourists and residents of Dubai. We have received excellent feedback and are confident it will further enrich our passengers’ travel experiences.”

Khaled Nuseibeh, Chief Executive Officer at Hala.

Rituals Cosmetics, known for turning everyday routines into meaningful moments, sees this partnership as a natural extension of its brand philosophy. Neeraj Teckchandani, CEO of Apparel Group, highlighted the strategic vision behind this collaboration:

“By integrating Rituals’ sophisticated fragrances into Hala taxis, we are setting a new benchmark for urban mobility. This initiative not only enhances the journey but also demonstrates our commitment to innovation and excellence.”

Neeraj Teckchandani, CEO of Apparel Group.

In addition to the fragrance partnership, Hala has recently introduced digital screens in its fleet, offering passengers a variety of premium lifestyle, news, entertainment, and e-commerce features. These initiatives align with Dubai’s vision to become a leading global digital hub, showcasing Hala’s commitment to smart, customer-centric innovations.

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