L’Occitane En Provence is ringing in the holiday season with a unique and immersive experience. The renowned brand, in collaboration with artist Steven Wilson and Emperia, is unveiling a brand-new holiday virtual store set in a cozy chalet in the Provençal French Alps.

This virtual store captures the essence of holiday joy and the art of giving. It’s a digital wonderland where visitors can explore limited-edition holiday collections and dive into L’Occitane’s sustainability initiatives. The experience is all about user engagement and product discovery, making holiday shopping a delight.

Inside this digital chalet, guests are in for a treat. They can seamlessly browse for gifts, thanks to the store’s intuitive layout. The product offerings are neatly organized by budget, with five distinct sections to explore: advent calendar, holiday limited edition collection, gift sets, fragrances, and Santa’s wish list.

In the true spirit of giving, the experience also teaches the art of gift wrapping. As guests move through the virtual space, they’ll discover various gift wrapping elements. Each item they find offers a unique personalization option, such as tissue paper and box patterns. Once they complete this engaging mini-game, an animation reveals their customized box, and they receive a special L’Occitane Christmas reward.

The holiday collection’s designs are a product of collaboration with Steven Wilson, a UK-based artist known for his joyful yet contemporary illustrations. Wilson’s work with major brands, including Nike and MTV, brings a retro-modern flair to the collection.

Stepping outside the chalet, visitors are greeted by a magical Christmas experience. An olive tree awaits, which guests can light up themselves. It’s a symbol of joy, strength, and togetherness, and guests have the chance to create personalized postcards with their curated product wish lists to send to loved ones.

Mariana Rodrigues, Marketing Director of L’Occitane Middle East, expresses her pride in this virtual holiday journey, inviting customers to experience the enchantment of L’Occitane and Provence. This digital escapade captures the essence of tradition and magic that the holiday season represents.

The Emperia platform, which powers this virtual experience, is renowned for creating data-driven virtual stores. It places personalization and brand storytelling at the forefront of the online shopping experience. According to Olga Dogadkina, co-founder and CEO at Emperia, customers today expect a highly personalized and interactive online journey that aligns with their values and preferences, enhancing brand loyalty and online performance.

L’Occitane’s holiday virtual store is not just about shopping; it’s about sharing the joy of the season and creating memorable moments in the digital realm. So, gear up for a virtual holiday shopping spree that combines tradition, sustainability, and the magic of the festive season.

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