For animal lovers seeking a distinctive way to express their support for conservation initiatives, the Green Planet in Dubai is offering an exclusive opportunity to “Adopt an Animal” and contribute to the biodome’s research, education, and animal welfare programs. By adopting some of the adorable inhabitants of the biodome, such as Lemon the sloth, Kendrick the lemur, Amal the slow loris, Goldie the blue and gold macaw, and Coco the toco toucan, residents of the UAE can demonstrate their love for animals and assist in the efforts to protect them, for a duration of one year.

By adopting an animal, patrons will be supporting conservation, breeding, and preservation efforts for the species and their natural habitats, as well as donating to the wildlife sanctuary, rehabilitation programs, veterinary requirements, and general animal needs. The animals will be taken care of by trained professionals at The Green Planet, ensuring their well-being and safety.

The adoption packages come in three options: gold, silver, and bronze. Each package includes a personalized adoption certificate, an animal keychain, and email updates about the adopted animal. The gold package, priced at AED 699, also includes two single-use general admission tickets with a one-year validity, a recycled and reusable bag, quarterly updates with photos, a stuffed plush toy, and an exclusive 30-minute behind-the-scenes tour at The Green Planet. The silver package, priced at AED 499, includes all of the above except for the tour, and the bronze package, priced at AED 299, includes a single-use general admission ticket and a recycled and reusable bag.

Sara Stevens, Head of Operations and Curator at The Green Planet, expressed excitement about this opportunity, stating “Adopting an animal is really rewarding and there’s no better way to show support for the rainforest.” This initiative also makes for a unique and thoughtful gift for loved ones, friends, and family.

For more information on the animal adoption packages, visit The Green Planet’s website.