• MIS Joint, created by Emirati siblings Meera, Ilyas, and Sarah, ages 10, 8, and 7, brings a whimsical and imaginative twist to Dubai’s burger scene.
  • Features premium ingredients and fresh produce, with burgers made from scratch and shakes crafted from real ice cream.
  • Retro and sporty themes, including a fun punching bag, offer a playful and energetic dining experience for all ages.
  • Emphasis on top-notch taste and freshness, ensuring a delightful fusion of taste and tradition in every bite.

Dubai’s culinary scene is buzzing with excitement as MIS Joint, a unique family-driven burger joint, opens its doors in the heart of Uptown Mirdiff Mall. This new hotspot isn’t just about delicious food; it’s about bringing whimsical family imagination to life, all thanks to the creative minds of three young Emirati siblings—Meera, Ilyas, and Sarah, aged 10, 8, and 7.

The story of MIS Joint is a charming one, woven from the fabric of a family’s love for fun and food. Unlike your average burger joint, MIS Joint is a passion project where the youngest members of the family played a pivotal role. With their father’s guidance, Meera, Ilyas, and Sarah were involved in every step, from designing the logo to conducting taste-tests, ensuring that every burger and shake met their high standards of cheesy, meaty perfection.

MIS Joint stands out with its commitment to quality and flavor. Every burger is made from scratch using premium cuts of meat, delivering a mouthwatering blend of cheese and meat in every bite. The shakes, crafted with real ice cream and fresh ingredients, offer a thick, creamy, and flavorful experience. The sides, sizzling with locally sourced produce, complement the main attractions perfectly, making every meal a celebration of taste.

From the moment you step into MIS Joint, you’re welcomed by an energetic atmosphere that blends retro vibes with sporty elements, making it a fun destination for guests of all ages. One of the unique features is a robust punching bag, inviting guests to unleash their inner champion, adding a playful twist to the dining experience.

Ayub Khan, Country Head of MIS Joint, expressed his excitement, saying,

“At MIS JOINT, we believe in creating memorable dining experiences that bring families and friends together. Our unique blend of retro and sporty elements, combined with our dedication to quality and fresh ingredients, sets us apart in Dubai’s vibrant food scene. We humbly welcome everyone to our new home in Uptown Mirdiff Mall.”

Ayub Khan, Country Head of MIS Joint

In a city known for its culinary diversity, MIS Joint offers a comforting yet elevated take on burgers and shakes, making it a universal favorite for all. This new addition promises to become an iconic destination in Dubai, where family-inspired creativity meets exceptional flavors in a warm, inviting atmosphere!

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