Anyone who loves Chocolate is probably celebrating this delight every day but “National Chocolate Day” becomes an excuse to take it over the top. Few crazy lovers are even setting world records. This day recognizes one of the world’s favourite savours.

National Chocolate Day is celebrated annually on October 28th. Well, several other days have sprung up to celebrate the savoury of Chocolate, because is there anything as worthy of celebration as Chocolate?

Chronicles Of Chocolate!!

First, let’s delve into the “Historical background of Chocolate” that how it revolved and became such a popular treat today!!

It all started in Mesoamerica, (Present day Mexico) around 4500 BC. In ancient times, Chocolate was known as “Food of the Gods” as it was prepared from the fruit of the “Theobroma cacao”. It was strictly a beverage and the Mayan written history mentions Chocolate Drinks used in celebrations. Christopher Columbus discovered cacao beans on a journey to America and bought the beans back to Spain in 1502. Later in the 19th and 20th centuries, Chocolate companies such as Cadbury, Mars, Nestle and Hershey began mass production to meet the growing demands.

Mingle Sweetness with Dates

There are numerous dates throughout the year promoting variations of Local, National, and International Days. The U.S. National Confectioners Association lists 16 different Chocolate Days, like on July 7th, October 28th, and December 28th. Along with this International Chocolate Day is on September 13th, but most commonly, Chocolate Day is cited on October 28th.

“International Chocolate Day coincides with the birth date of Milton S. Hershey (13th September 1857), “founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company”.

Let’s make our day with a delight in every bite!

Visit your favourite restaurant and pamper yourself with a Chocolate Dessert. You can either host a small get-together and invite all Chocoholics!! You can also create your fudge and make sure to post pictures of the same on social media and make it Chocolatey.

Here are some famous and must-try places in UAE having amazing Chocolicious Dishes!

1. Parker’s

Parker’s has an epic chocolate cake to serve! The Matilda Cake is inspired by the Roald Dahl book and the cake-lover Bruce Bogtrotter. The cake features a richness of Chocolate Sponge, Chocolate Ganache, and Chocolate Flakes Matilda Cake is good for about 4 people and is perfect for all kinds of chocolate cravings. It is literally the most indulgent and chocolatey cake I’ve ever tried in Dubai

In Frame – Matilda Cake @parkers
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Looking for a Dreamy Cake? No joke, their Chocolate Dream Cake is what dreams are made of!

Chunk House serves the Chocolate Dream Cake which is actually dreamy in taste! The Chocolate tastes amazing. It’s a cake made up of 3 layers. The lower layer is of the cake crumbles, the middle layer is full of chocolate gooeyness and further has a chocolate mousse texture. You just can’t miss it.
They also have Cookies, Cruffins, Donuts, Croissants, and the Dream Cake,

In Frame – Chocolate Dream Cake @chunkhouse
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You don’t need an extreme bucket list to find your happiness. Just drink more shakes and get a mood-lifting experience. If you have a huge sugar craving that needs immediate satisfying then @dessertinome is the right place for you, you can call it a one-stop shop for Milkshakes, Waffles & Dipping Cones. This place features a casual ambiance and toothsome shakes and desserts in a variety of forms and toppings that will make you dive into the Chocolate!
Ferraro Fujairah Shake: If you’re looking for something thick, cold, smooth, and sweet to drink then do give it a try. It was rich in cream and I could taste the delicious Ferrero Rocher Chocolates in every sip.

In Frame – Ferraro Fujairah Shake @dessertino
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4. Vintage

As long as there is chocolate, there will be happiness

I tried out this jewel box, a gorgeous golden box that was elegantly decorated with a mini red bow. It comes along with a Hot Chocolate Sauce that melts the magnificent box filled with Golden Brownies, Maltesers, Wafer Crumbs, and Ice Cream. The Chocolate Sauce felt like a combination of milk chocolate and condensed milk. It was eye candy, a blissful balance, and absolutely pleasing to the palate. It looks so delicious and tempting. Being a chocolate lover, I enjoyed this dessert a lot.

In Frame – Jewel Box @vintage
Picture Courtesy – Divya Sirnani
5. Martabaan

Martabaan has been envisaged as a ‘contemporary classic’ Indian dining destination by Hemant Oberoi, renowned Master Chef and the First Indian Chef nominated to the World Gourmet Club.

The hint of floral essence, satiation of sabayon sauce, the temptation of chocolate sponge, and metallic texture of 24-carat edible gold is a classic tribute to Middle East’s Shawarama as @martabaan’s Chocolate Shawarma. It was indeed the perfect dessert for a perfect evening along with the dining experience. Don’t miss this best dessert in the capital and enjoy the royal treatment through food at @martabaan by Hemant Oberoi.

In Frame – Chocolate Shawarma @martabaan
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Interesting facts that will make you fall with Chocolate
  • Africa grows about 70% of the world’s cocoa.
  • The world’s largest chocolate bar weighed around 5,792 Kg.
  • Chocolate can reduce the risk of heart attack, blemishes skin, combat bad cholesterol and even reduce stress.

“But just like everything in life chocolate contains relatively high amounts of fat and high sugar content, that can become a risk factor. ”

So, this Chocolate Day, eat because you deserve a Chocolate full of fun and adore the kid in you…