Dubai Opera, known for its breathtaking performances, is about to host an unparalleled feast for the senses – the captivating “SURREAL GASTRO THEATRE.” Picture this: a symphony of delectable aromas, mesmerizing visuals, and an immersive storyline interwoven with gastronomic delights. This isn’t just a show; it’s an experiential journey awaiting every guest who dares to step into its enigmatic world.

Imagine yourself stepping into the opulent Belcanto Restaurant adorned with European elegance—its emerald greens, rich red hues, and the sparkle of crystal chandeliers setting the stage for an experience beyond the ordinary.

As the curtains rise, the stage isn’t confined to the platform; it extends to your plate. Each dish served carries a hidden clue, a whisper from the narrative, unraveling a mysterious detective love story. A forgotten actress paired with a dish presented on a clock moving backwards—a poignant symbol of fleeting fame—hints at the complexity of the tales woven into this culinary symphony.

What sets this immersive theatre apart is its interaction. Here, every guest becomes a pivotal character, simultaneously a witness and a perpetrator. The cast, dancers, and waiting staff, clad in elaborate themed costumes, create an ambiance steeped in mystery and intrigue. Picture yourself, part of a story where secrets unfold with every bite, where the aroma of dishes whispers hidden truths.

Victoria Strekalina, the visionary behind this artistic marvel, describes it as more than just a meal; it’s an exploration of art that tantalizes all senses. Her accolades and national awards in the events industry affirm her prowess in creating experiences that linger in memory.

Partner and investor Igor Glyanenko shares his vision for the UAE and the MENA region, where this immersive show not only entertains but also becomes a cultural phenomenon—a tapestry weaving together diverse nationalities and cultures.

The culinary brilliance behind this theatrical masterpiece is led by the duo of Chef Fabrizio Lusenti and Executive Chef Mika Tolkachev. With a blend of Italian finesse and culinary innovation, they craft a five-course symphony that harmonizes with the detective narrative. Chef Lusenti’s tenure with Michelin-starred Chef Enrico Bartolini and Chef Tolkachev’s knack for culinary expansion attest to the culinary excellence awaiting the audience.

The stage is set, the characters ready, and the gourmet secrets poised to unfold. The “SURREAL GASTRO THEATRE” promises an enthralling escapade where dining meets drama in a breathtaking fusion of storytelling and culinary finesse.

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