In a momentous occasion for the UAE’s Hindu community, the BAPS Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi welcomed over 65,000 pilgrims and visitors on its first public Sunday, exceeding expectations and creating a truly special day.

Despite the large crowds, the day was marked by order and patience. Visitors, many of whom traveled from far and wide, were impressed by the efficient management and the peaceful atmosphere within the Mandir.

Many shared their positive experiences, praising the welcoming volunteers and the organized darshan process. Visitors were particularly moved by the abhishek and arti rituals, and were in awe of the Mandir’s stunning architecture.

The BAPS Hindu Mandir not only serves as a spiritual center for the Hindu community but also stands as a symbol of the UAE’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity. The introduction of a new bus route specifically for the Mandir further highlights this dedication.

Quotes from the Delighted Visitors:

  • “Never have I seen such amazing order in the midst of thousands of people.” – Sumant Rai, Abu Dhabi
  • “The care given by the staff despite thousands of visitors was remarkable.” – Pravina Shah, London
  • “I was so surprised with how well the visit was managed.” – Balchandra, Kerala
  • “We have been awaiting this moment, and the Mandir has exceeded all our expectations.” – Neha and Pankaj, Dubai
  • “This Mandir is a testament to the UAE’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.” – Piyush, Portland, USA

Experience the beauty and serenity of the BAPS Hindu Mandir, a place of peace, spirituality, and community.

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