In a melodic fusion of art, music, and cultural resonance, Surf Club, a famed beach-side haven, invites enthusiasts on an enchanting journey through the BOHO Experience. This collaborative ode to the bohemian spirit promises an exclusive rendezvous, boasting a rare convergence of electronic-organic tunes, artistic expressions, and cosmic vibes – a celebrated phenomenon that has captivated hearts across Ibiza, Tulum, Cape Town, Barcelona, and now, Dubai.

Treading the fine line between Tulum’s unbridled ethos and Dubai’s resplendent allure, this immersive event is a fleeting marvel, a coveted affair scheduled for just six rendezvous in Dubai. Mark your calendar for the upcoming gatherings on Sunday, 19th November, and Sunday, 24th December. These dates promise a sensory sojourn, transcending the ordinary, and inviting guests into an enthralling realm where the boundaries of creativity dissolve into an ethereal experience.

At the heart of the BOHO Experience lies a kaleidoscope of elements – an amalgamation of artistry, music, fashion, decor, culinary delights, and cultural nuances. Expect enthralling live performances, where enigmatic acts gracefully traverse the crowds amid a symphony of global sounds. Tantalizing scents reminiscent of Tulum, illuminated by softly glowing lanterns, paint an enchanting landscape in the depths of the night. This affair is an homage to individualism, a celebration of love and harmony – a vibrant tapestry of experiential narratives that delve into the essence of artistic liberation.

This immersive journey beckons the Wanderers, the free spirits, the wild souls, and the BOHOS, inviting them to revel in their authenticity. Attendees are encouraged to embody the BOHO spirit through their attire – a fusion of relaxed comfort and effortlessly chic glamour, a sartorial tribute to uninhibited self-expression.

While entry is complimentary, securing a booking for this exquisite experience is imperative. Revelers can indulge in a la carte offerings and opt for bottle service during this transformative event.

For reservations and enquiries, call +971 4 589 5444, or email to
Visit the Website for more details.