Trader Vic’s Souk Madinat is setting the stage for an extraordinary celebration as it marks its 20th anniversary with a spectacular twist. Known for its legendary island vibes and potent potions, Trader Vic’s is celebrating this milestone with the introduction of 20 new Mai Tai flavors, offering a month-long adventure for cocktail enthusiasts and island escapists alike.

For two decades, Trader Vic’s has been the go-to destination for those seeking an exotic escape without leaving Dubai. Now, the iconic tiki bar is taking its renowned Mai Tai to new heights with a selection that promises to tantalize every taste bud. The new flavors range from refreshingly tropical to intriguingly floral, ensuring there’s a perfect sip for everyone in your crew.

Dive into the tropical allure with flavors such as mango, melon, and pineapple, each one capturing the essence of an island paradise in a glass. If you’re looking to explore unique and delicate notes, the floral Mai Tais—featuring lavender, rose, and hibiscus—offer an aromatic journey that elevates the traditional tiki experience.

For the bold at heart, the basil Mai Tai provides a herbaceous kick, while the green apple potion delivers a crisp and potent surprise. If spicing things up is more your style, the citrusy pink grapefruit or kiwi concoctions could be your ticket to discovering true island bliss. Each flavor is meticulously crafted to offer a unique twist on the classic Mai Tai, ensuring an unforgettable tasting experience.

Starting at just AED 68, these new Mai Tai variations are accessible for both casual sippers and dedicated cocktail connoisseurs. Available à la carte and during Trader Vic’s legendary Happy Hour, these creations are the perfect way to unwind and celebrate after a day of conquering your own personal adventures.

Trader Vic’s Souk Madinat invites you to ditch the ordinary and set sail on a month-long Mai Tai quest. With 20 unique flavors waiting to be explored, there’s never been a better time to gather your crew and embark on this epic journey. Reservations are highly recommended to ensure you don’t miss out on this limited-time celebration.

For more information and to book your table, visit Trader Vic’s Souk Madinat.

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  • Phone: +971 4 366 5646
  • Address: Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE