As diamonds emerge as an investment choice in the vibrant UAE market, the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) steps in to shed light on critical considerations and misconceptions surrounding diamond investments in their latest report, ‘Diamond Facts: Busting Myths About the Diamond Industry.’

The allure of diamonds as an investment choice is coupled with growing awareness about sustainability and ethical sourcing. The NDC report delves into the intricate dynamics, highlighting that not all lab-grown diamonds are environmentally friendly. Contrary to belief, their manufacturing process demands significant energy, posing sustainability challenges, especially when derived from energy-intensive sources like coal-generated electricity.

Diamonds, sculpted over millions of years, are inherently rare, making them prized possessions. The report emphasizes the significant difference in pricing trends between natural and lab-grown diamonds. Analysts reveal an alarming plummet in lab-grown diamond prices over the past six years, while natural diamonds exhibit consistent annual increases in value. This distinction indicates that natural diamonds are poised for sustained long-term value, contrasting with the depreciating trend of lab-grown counterparts.

Differentiating between natural and lab-grown diamonds is facilitated by professional verification instruments. Retailers must legally disclose lab-grown diamonds’ origin and provide comprehensive grading reports and certifications. With recent announcements about 100% resale value for diamonds in the UAE, consumers are expected to become more discerning, demanding transparency across the supply chain and investing in traceability initiatives for better quality assurance.

Key players like Al Jawhara and La Marquise have collaborated with the NDC in the GCC region to advocate for greater transparency and dispel misconceptions about diamonds. Tawhid Abdullah from Jawhara Jewellery and Nishith Shah from La Marquise Jewellery expressed their support for the NDC’s efforts, emphasizing the significance and enduring allure of natural diamonds.

Richa Singh, Managing Director of NDC – India & Middle East, emphasized the importance of providing reliable, transparent information to today’s conscious consumers. The ‘Diamond Facts’ report aims to clarify misconceptions and inspire informed choices, advancing the integrity of the diamond industry.

The NDC’s comprehensive report, based on extensive research and industry expertise, not only dispels myths but also highlights initiatives showcasing diamonds’ positive environmental impact. Visit the NDC’s website for a detailed analysis of the report: Natural Diamonds – Diamond Facts.

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