The glamour of Dubai’s fashion scene reached new heights with the sensational unveiling of Botsi’s “Safari on Mars” collection at the iconic Eden by Belcanto, hosted by the esteemed Rosemin Manji. The air buzzed with excitement as fashion aficionados and industry insiders gathered to witness the fusion of history, culture, and haute couture.

At the heart of this spectacular event was the vision of Victoriya Bahl, the creative genius behind Botsi. Inspired by the ancient wonders of Petra in Jordan, this groundbreaking collection serves as a tapestry woven with the hues and textures of the historic Al-Khanzeh site.

Rosemin Manji, renowned for her prowess in luxury events and fashion, steered the evening with elegance, underscoring the sheer sophistication of each ensemble. The collection, a homage to the intricate architecture and ancient allure of Petra, transports wearers on a journey through time and artistry.

“Inspiration struck amidst the captivating allure of Jordan and Petra’s mesmerizing landscapes,” shared Victoriya Bahl, the visionary force behind Botsi. “The textures, the hues of sandstone, and the whispered tales of history in those ancient walls ignited the essence of our ‘Safari on Mars’ collection.”

Each garment, meticulously crafted from luxurious silks, knits, and plant-based ultra-suede, echoes the intricate carvings and geometric patterns found in the stone wonders of Petra. The fusion of the distinctive Botsi face print, silk yarn, and ultra-suede embodies a contemporary edge while celebrating the timeless allure of classic styles.

“Beyond just fashion, this collection encapsulates the essence of nuanced beauty and curated elegance,” expressed Bahl. “It’s an ode to simplicity, a palette celebrating subtleties in color and texture, an invitation to embrace individuality within timeless fashion.”

Botsi, not just a fashion label but a statement, stands as a symbol of responsible production and empowerment in the realm of ready-to-wear fashion. With a commitment to ethical resourcing and empowering women, Botsi continues to redefine the industry while crafting an immersive fashion experience.

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