After a long wait and several years of hard work, Finally the much anticipated and super hyped movie – Brahmastra – Shiva has hit the screens on September 9th!

This plot of the movie revolves around Shiva, who is in some way connected to the Brahamanas and has some superpowers. The movie covers his journey to search for his true self and attain a sense of clarity, bringing him face to face with the evil energies and understand more about how he has got these special powers

While the music and VFX are something that the audience was madly waiting for, the director somewhere lost the main plot in his attempt to add some oomph using VFX and music. This makes the movie feel somewhat dragged.

The use of VFX in the movie is the first of its kind for Bollywood and truly a treat to watch! The visual representations of the Astra ( weapons) via VFX are a sight to watch! Again, all VFX should have a limitation! The team has gone was a bit overboard as about 95% of the film was made with VFX and lagged originality which is really important to make you feel connected!

The evil forces and the characters are chosen well! Absolutely loved the work by the negative roles! Mouni Roy, who plays the villain truly shines in the role! Definitely a sight to watch her on the big screen!

3 more big names who played a part of this astra were again really good! Dialogues were really heavy in most of the scenes! The use of so many Sanskrit words can leave you confused!

Ranbir and Alia’s chemistry does not come through as expected! It almost seems like the couple is trying to hard; which is a disappointment given their real-life story which sets really high hopes!

Should I also say that the effects were also seen on their faces? *highly edited*

  • People who watch for the plot, storyline and dialogues –
    This movie is not for you! Its really long and would start feeling like a longgggg movie that does not seem to end!
  • People who watch for the acting, cinematography and screenplay –
    This is for you! On an average one-time watch level! Worth the hype for the way they have done all the VFX throughout the movie! The scenes have been planned so well! Which kind of camera angles are good and which are best everything can be seen here!

Overall Rating – 3/5 Stars!