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Value of creating personalized retail experiences

-By Yasser Beydoun, Managing Partner of BFL Group

Nowadays, consumers anticipate a personalized service both in-store and online. One survey conducted by Epsilon shows that 80 percent of consumers want personalized experiences from brands to make a purchase, in which case it is important for retailers to gather everything they know about a customer. This will help them provide an optimal and unique personalized shopping experience based on a functional and more customized approach.

Organizations are responding promptly to rising consumer expectations. Whether transacting online or physically, modern-day customers prioritize immediate gratification, convenience, real-time personalization, and relevance. Retailers must meet and satisfy these customer preferences across multiple channels.


Customization is crucial in retail, but with modern technology, businesses can now easily access consumer data, which can be used to create and deliver a personalized and improved shopping experience for customers. With available proprietary data, retailers can gain a competitive edge in terms of creating experiences for their customers.

Engaging customers more intimately can be achieved by creating a data-driven experience that can lead the customers through a conversion funnel tailored to their needs. Customers commit and transact more frequently based on this data-driven experience as they feel that the brand values them in various ways such as saving them time and money and by helping them find the products they want. 

Customer-oriented retailers commit time and energy towards adding value to their customers. This helps them to command loyalty and growth through positive customer experiences.

Data reveals the needs and desires of the customer, helping retailers to administer them superior customer service.

One important factor is ensuring employees are equipped with the skills to create a customer-focused culture. Using data to inform and enhance customer satisfaction requires employees to be fully informed and trained on how to use them at all levels, from bottom to top.

Empowered employees are committed to achieving the organization’s goals and business efforts, giving them the drive to address their customers’ needs with understanding. As a result, they create stronger customer relationships. Organizations that empower their employees to succeed and grow based on creating strong ties with their customers.

Modern-day consumers give business to organizations that give them qualitative customer service. Practicing good customer service habits reveals a customer-centric culture that gives a memorable experience to consumers. Moreover, customers want an interactive relationship and personalized experience with service providers, hence customer relationship management technologies are enabling businesses to extend relationships with customers beyond face-to-face interactions.

Personlized Opinion

Now a days online shopping has become the easiest way to get your things. We can focus on much better quality checks of the items before it’s being shipped. Also, we can add a feature of a personal shopper on the website while shopping to give them a personalized touch.

I have seen their USP of instant merchandising of products. The Quality checks are crucial, so they can concentrate more on these key points. 
As far as in-shop experiences, maybe the staff can be trained to keep the items around in a more organized and arranged manner. Sometimes the stores run on less staff, hence the consumers prefer shopping online because of their in-store environment!