Celebrate love in a cinematic embrace this Valentine’s Day at Centara Mirage Beach Resort Dubai. Guests booking a stay during this romantic period will be treated to a complimentary and enchanting Beachside Cinema Experience, exclusively designed for an intimate celebration of love.

As the sun sets on the pristine shores, the resort’s Beach Cinema transforms into a magical haven for in-house guests. Families are invited to relish a unique screening of two heartwarming classics – “Tangled” at 6 pm and “Beauty & the Beast” at 9 pm. Settle into the comfort of beachside seating, embraced by the soothing sounds of waves, and immerse yourself in the captivating storylines of these timeless movies.

The romantic ambiance deepens as the Dubai skyline paints a stunning backdrop, adorned with twinkling lights and iconic skyscrapers. This cinematic paradise on the beach offers an unparalleled view, creating an unforgettable setting for a Valentine’s Day celebration.

The Beach Cinema experience is more than just a movie night; it’s an opportunity to share special moments with loved ones. Whether it’s the magical tale of “Tangled” or the timeless romance of “Beauty & the Beast,” cuddle up, hold hands, and let the cinematic magic weave its spell. This exclusive event promises to etch lasting memories and create cherished moments that linger for a lifetime.

Please note that this unique cinematic experience is reserved exclusively for in-house guests, ensuring an intimate and personalized celebration of love.

For more information and reservations, contact +971 4 522 9999 or visit Centara Hotels & Resorts.

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