At the recent Arabian Travel Market (ATM) in Dubai, Georgia’s National Tourism Administration shared exciting insights into the country’s plans for attracting tourists from the UAE. With its diverse climate zones, rich cultural heritage, and welcoming people, Georgia stands out as a unique destination for travelers seeking a blend of European and Asian experiences.

“UAE is definitely, was, and remains one of our key target markets,” explained a spokesperson for Georgia Tourism. With numerous direct flight connections between the UAE and Georgia, the journey is a short and convenient three-hour trip. This makes Georgia an ideal destination for long weekends or extended holidays. The ease of travel encourages more spontaneous trips, enhancing the appeal for UAE residents looking for quick getaways.

Georgia’s tourism offerings are as varied as its landscapes. “We promote in UAE a lot our nature because we have almost all climate zones in Georgia. We have ski resorts, the Black Sea resorts, beautiful mountains, and very delicious gastronomy,” the spokesperson highlighted. This diversity means that whether visitors are looking to ski in the winter, relax by the sea in the summer, or explore the mountains and enjoy the local cuisine year-round, Georgia has something to offer.

What sets Georgia apart is its authenticity. “You can’t really compare it to any European destination, but it’s kind of a combination of Europe and Asia. It’s something unique,” the spokesperson noted. This uniqueness is a major draw for tourists seeking new and authentic experiences. Georgian hospitality is legendary, with locals known for their warmth, tolerance, and welcoming nature. “The experiences matter a lot. Once you come to Georgia, you get experiences that are very valuable and they want you to come back.”

For those looking to explore beyond the well-known tourist spots, Georgia has plenty of hidden gems. While the interview was cut short before specific areas could be recommended, it’s clear that the country’s lesser-known regions offer rich opportunities for discovery. From secluded mountain villages to untouched coastal areas, these hidden spots provide a deeper look into Georgia’s natural beauty and cultural depth.

At ATM Dubai, Georgia’s presence was marked by strategic engagement with major tourism companies from the Persian Gulf. The goal is to attract high-spending tourists who can further boost the country’s tourism sector. A standout feature of Georgia’s promotion at the event was a raffle for tickets to concerts by the legendary German rock band Scorpions and the British electronic music project Jungle, set to take place at the Black Sea Arena. This innovative promotional effort is part of the “Staring Georgia” campaign, designed to highlight the country’s vibrant cultural scene.

With its strategic location, diverse attractions, and welcoming people, Georgia is poised to become a favorite destination for UAE travelers. Whether for a short weekend escape or a longer adventure, Georgia offers a unique blend of experiences that leave a lasting impression. As the country continues to enhance its visibility on the international tourism stage, visitors can look forward to discovering all that this remarkable destination has to offer.

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