Set sail on a delectable journey this January at Grand Gourmet, the opulent culinary hub within Asiana Grand Hotel. Prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary month-long feast curated to tantalize every palate and elevate the art of dining to new heights.

Grand Gourmet Lunch Buffet

Throughout January, embark on a flavor-rich journey at the Lunch Buffet featuring an enticing spread. Dive into vibrant creations like Chana Chaat, Chef’s Salad Bar delights, and Kobachi offerings of Marinated Tuna with Lemon & Soy Sauce and Seared Salmon with Ponzu Sauce. The buffet showcases diverse cuisines, including Indian specialties, accompanied by an indulgent dessert ensemble to cap off the meal.

Filipino Fiesta Theme Buffet

Experience the vibrant flavors of Filipino cuisine at the Wednesday and Thursday Theme Buffet. Indulge in Chicken Inasal, Beef Kare Kare, and a variety of Filipino sweets, promising an authentic taste journey through the Philippines.

Pan Asian Theme Buffet

Saturdays bring the Pan Asian Theme Buffet, a tapestry of Asian flavors. From Shawarma to Nigiri Sushi & Maki, this buffet is a tribute to the culinary diversity of Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and China, culminating in an array of tempting desserts.

Poolside BBQ Nights

As the sun sets, the Poolside BBQ Nights beckon with tantalizing grills. From Grilled Prawns to Ribeye Beef Steak, indulge in an array of meticulously prepared dishes. Authentic Arabic Mix Grill and Rotisserie BBQ Grill selections promise an enticing dining experience by the pool.

Happy Hours Delight

Savor moments of indulgence with Happy Hours offering a 25% discount on Food and Beverage items. Whether for unwinding after a long day or a vibrant late-night rendezvous, relish favorite dishes and beverages in the welcoming ambiance of Grand Gourmet.

Event Details & Reservations

  • Various Events: Lunch Buffet, Theme Buffets, Pan Asian Buffet, Poolside BBQ, and Happy Hours
  • Time: Various timings as per specific events
  • Reservations: Contact Grand Gourmet on Instagram @grandgourmetdxb

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