The Middle East Film & Comic Con (MEFCC) is poised to conjure excitement with a magical announcement: the iconic Weasley twins from the Harry Potter film adaptations, James and Oliver Phelps, are set to grace the event’s star-studded lineup.

Famously known for portraying Fred and George Weasley in the beloved Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, the Phelps brothers will join the convention on Saturday, February 10th, and Sunday, February 11th, in Abu Dhabi.

The Phelps brothers etched their names in the wizarding world’s history with their remarkable performances, stepping into the mischievous shoes of the Weasley twins. Their journey to fame began when they allegedly skipped school to audition for the first Harry Potter film.

Throughout the franchise, James and Oliver enchanted fans with their distinctive charm, infusing life into Fred and George with their antics, adventures, and their shared passion for Quidditch.

James and Oliver Phelps will be among a constellation of renowned celebrities headlining the 2024 edition of the Middle East Film & Comic Con. Joining these wizarding twins are a constellation of luminaries, including Iñaki Godoy, famed for his roles; the Straw Hat Pirates’ Captain, Monkey D. Luffy, portrayed in Netflix’s Live Action series “One Piece”; Frank Welker, the voice behind iconic characters like Transformers’ Megatron, Garfield, and Scooby Doo; Peter Cullen, the legendary voice of Optimus Prime from Transformers; Temuera Morrison, the esteemed Star Wars icon embodying Boba Fett and Jango Fett; and Troy Baker, the multifaceted American voice actor celebrated for his portrayal of Joel in The Last of Us video game. Notably, the lineup also features accomplished comic creators Mark Brooks, Carlo Pagulayan, Stephen Segovia, and Steve McNiven.

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