NOMAD, the Dubai-based fashion brand, is taking a groundbreaking leap towards inclusivity with its mission to curate Neuroinclusive Outfits Mindfully Adapted for Diversity. Founded in 2021 by Dubai native Nesa Rassouli, NOMAD has evolved to meet the diverse needs of the neurodiverse community and individuals impacted by various surgeries.

NOMAD’s acronym, Neuroinclusive Outfits Mindfully Adapted for Diversity, encapsulates its mission. What started as a personal journey for founder Nesa Rassouli has transformed into a brand dedicated to providing a sense of belonging through ethical and sustainable fashion.

Since its inception, NOMAD has been committed to sustainability, using recycled and recyclable packaging, along with natural fibers and recycled materials for its fabrics. With a focus on timeless collections created in small batches, NOMAD aims to minimize waste while making a positive impact on the fashion industry.

Nesa’s personal experiences and a commitment to inclusivity have led NOMAD to a new direction. Inspired by a friend’s emergency stoma surgery, Nesa realized the softness and versatility of NOMAD’s clothes could benefit a broader audience, including those with diverse needs due to sensory issues or surgery. NOMAD’s new direction is not about creating specific collections that marginalize audiences but emphasizing inclusivity and meeting diverse needs.

Moving forward, NOMAD will enhance its product lines based on feedback, focusing on elements like comfortable waistbands, elastic, non-scratchy labeling, and soft fabrics. The brand is dedicated to fostering autonomy and empowerment, offering thoughtfully crafted, adaptable apparel that celebrates individuality.

NOMAD goes beyond being a brand; it aspires to be a catalyst for a more inclusive and empathetic fashion world. By investing in meeting diverse needs and increasing awareness, NOMAD aims to redefine fashion boundaries and empower individuals to embrace their unique selves.

In an industry where diversity and inclusivity are paramount, NOMAD stands as a beacon of change, proving that fashion can be both stylish and considerate of individual needs.

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