The UAE’s automotive landscape has witnessed a dynamic shift with the meteoric rise of EXEED by Al Ghurair, China’s innovative premium car brand making waves in the region. In an unprecedented stride, EXEED has soared to extraordinary heights, marking its presence with an astonishing registration of 200 SUVs within a mere two months. The triumph echoes the resounding demand for Chinese automobiles, capturing the hearts of UAE car enthusiasts and families alike.

EXEED’s foray into the UAE’s automotive scene has been nothing short of phenomenal. Propelled by the LX model, which commands a staggering 35% of total sales, the brand has resonated profoundly with discerning buyers seeking a blend of efficiency and reliability. The allure doesn’t end there—the RX closely follows at 30%, signifying an exceptional embrace from the market. This unprecedented success paves the way for EXEED’s expansion, with two showrooms set to grace Abu Dhabi, catering to the surging demand in the capital.

What sets EXEED by Al Ghurair apart is its promise of competitive pricing without compromising quality. Positioned as a cost-effective alternative to established brands, EXEED’s vehicles provide an irresistible proposition for budget-conscious buyers. The brand’s resonance spans across a diverse customer base—Emirati and expat families, tech-savvy individuals, and millennials—all captivated by its exceptional value for money.

Mohammed Maktari, the General Manager at AG Auto, affirms the brand’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity. “Our ascent in the UAE is just the beginning of an exhilarating journey,” he shares, emphasizing EXEED’s dedication to evolving customer needs through the introduction of cutting-edge models and value-added features.

EXEED by Al Ghurair stands as China’s pioneer premium car brand, seamlessly merging fashion and technology across its high-performance, fuel-efficient SUV line. As the first in the GCC to unveil the RX model, the brand has garnered attention by integrating state-of-the-art technologies, power, innovation, and connectivity into its vehicles.

SUVs continue to reign supreme in the UAE’s auto market, claiming a substantial share. EXEED’s premium SUVs have struck a chord among consumers for their adaptability and versatility, aligning seamlessly with the preferences of UAE car enthusiasts.

The exponential growth of Chinese car manufacturers in the UAE underscores their competitive edge, promising quality, diverse product ranges, and strategic partnerships. EXEED by Al Ghurair remains committed to advancing research & development, technological innovation, and local manufacturing to solidify its foothold in the coming years.

For those intrigued by EXEED’s allure, a visit to the EXEED by Al Ghurair Dubai showroom on Al Ittihad Road is a gateway to explore an array of SUV models and exhilarating test drives. Alternatively, dive into their world at