Open Flame Kitchen (OFK) gracefully marks five years of culinary artistry. From February 7 to February 29, 2024, OFK extends an invitation to savor a narrative spun in flavors, a testament to the restaurant’s perpetual exploration of culinary innovation and mastery that has woven the fabric of its identity.

In honoring this milestone, OFK presents a temporal menu, a canvas adorned with echoes of its journey and glimpses from its Kuwaiti counterpart. The Crispy Shiso Tuna (AED55.00), a dance of freshness and crispness, and the Wagyu Crispy Rice (AED65.00), a symphony of taste and texture, stand as ambassadors of Japanese-inspired indulgence. The iconic Original Burger (AED70.00) claims its spotlight, a timeless classic synonymous with OFK’s ethos. For those craving elevated experiences, the Korean Short Rib Fried Rice (AED120.00) invites diners on a journey of bold flavors and culinary finesse. Sweetening the celebration, a Chocolate Fondant adorned with an emblem crafted for OFK’s five years unfolds as a delectable ode to time well savored.

This specially-curated anniversary menu is a testament to OFK’s tenet – an unceasing exploration of culinary boundaries, a global pas de deux that tantalizes palates with sophistication.

Complementing the culinary tapestry are exclusive libations. The Mango Sour Mocktail (AED40.00) invites a dance of tropical flavors on the palate, while the Vintense Cuvee Prestige Limited (AED190.00), a non-alcoholic effervescent elixir, mirrors the refinement embedded in OFK’s essence.

As OFK strides into its sixth year, this anniversary revelry is a quiet symphony, an understated acknowledgment of the restaurant’s enduring commitment to culinary excellence and the art of constant reinvention. Join the commemoration at Fashion Avenue in Dubai Mall from February 7th to February 29th, where every bite whispers tales of a five-year gastronomic odyssey.

Indulge, Reflect, Savor – OFK, where flavors transcend time!