The world of cosmetics is witnessing a paradigm shift, and at the forefront of this revolution is Novantic Cosmetics. The French brand is set to introduce its groundbreaking innovation, DEEP SMOOTH, at Beautyworld Middle East, where it combines forgotten beauty secrets with 21st-century knowledge to redefine the concept of hair beauty.

In an era dominated by chemical-laden hair treatments and straightening irons, DEEP SMOOTH stands as a beacon of change. This revolutionary product is not just an organic hair straightener; it’s an entirely natural approach to hair care, a market untouched by innovation for over two decades. DEEP SMOOTH doesn’t rely on chemicals or straightening irons; it harnesses the power of seeds and minerals, respecting the hair’s natural integrity.

Imagine a beauty ritual that transforms your hair during an 8-hour drying process. DEEP SMOOTH accomplishes just that, working its magic on all hair types, even those previously deemed unmanageable. Say goodbye to chemical damage; DEEP SMOOTH is your ticket to beautiful, healthy hair.

At the heart of DEEP SMOOTH’s brilliance is a fusion of cosmetopoeia, an ancient compendium of plant-based cosmetic remedies, with cutting-edge techniques. This unique blend has resulted in a 100% natural hair care product that repairs, colors, protects, and smoothes hair. The beauty of DEEP SMOOTH lies in its simplicity, using only four rare organic ingredients, now officially recognized in the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI). Its patented status is a testament to its quality and effectiveness.

Novantic Cosmetics has a dedicated team of researchers, including engineers, toxicologists, and collaboration with CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) and private laboratories, all working tirelessly to ensure that DEEP SMOOTH remains at the forefront of innovation in the cosmetics industry.

Beyond groundbreaking products, Novantic Cosmetics is a brand with a mission. It aligns with the core values of COP 28 UAE, committing to eco-responsible cosmetics. The ingredients are cultivated on zero-carbon farms, embracing sustainability and environmental responsibility. Traceability is a priority, ensuring that from harvest to bottle, every step is in harmony with the environment.

Novantic’s formulations minimize the use of water, eliminate preservatives, alcohol, and synthetic fragrances, and are proudly certified as vegan, halal, and organic. The brand’s commitment extends to reforestation initiatives, aligning with COP 28’s goals to combat desertification and promote biodiversity.

As Novantic Cosmetics expands its range with innovations like a new powder shampoo featuring forgotten active ingredients, it continues to redefine beauty with a conscience. With DEEP SMOOTH and their eco-responsible practices, Novantic is at the forefront of the sustainable beauty revolution. Beauty lovers, hair enthusiasts, and eco-conscious individuals, prepare to embrace a new era of cosmetics with Novantic Cosmetics.

Stay tuned for their showcase at Beautyworld Middle East, where beauty meets sustainability, and hair care is redefined, one strand at a time!

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