SunMoney Solar Group, known for the largest global community solar power programme, won the award for ‘Trendsetter in Behavioural Change In Climate Action’ at the 1st edition of Decarbonization and Climate Action awards (DACA) hosted at the recent Arab Green Summit in Dubai. The Arab Green Summit brought together top government officials, prominent decision-makers, and renowned climate policy experts from across the Middle East to exchange ideas, collaborate, and devise a strategy for action on climate change. The summit also hosted the first Decarbonization and Climate Action awards (DACA) with the core objective to celebrate organizations that exemplify climate commitment through well-conceived visions and administered policies.

SunMoney was nominated in three categories at the DACA Awards – Trendsetter in Behavioural Change in Climate Action, Advocate In Climate Action Innovation and Impact; and Torchbearer of Sustainable and Climate Friendly Investment. Renowned for its work in building, operating, and acquiring solar power plants in Central Eastern Europe (CEE), SunMoney is focused on the future by creating effective awareness about the clean energy agenda and adopting latest technologies like artificial intelligence AI to optimise its proprietary business platform and give the best return to its members and make renewable energy investments more accessible to small, private investors.

Commenting on the win,Zoltan Rendes, Partner and Chief Marketing Officer at SunMoney Solar said, “We are thrilled to receive this award as we truly believe that sustainability is about more than just using clean energy sources; it’s also about altering our habits and lifestyles in order to ensure we don’t continue to harm the environment. While clean energy may assist us in making these changes, people need to be motivated to take part in this fight which can only be accomplished by involving the community as a whole. We would like to launch our bottom-up approach business model in the MENA region, and we are looking for partners, investors and energy companies to do this. The Arab countries play a key role in fighting climate change, because of the financial and political bandwidth they have and they are very active already in this change, especially the UAE.”

SunMoney truly believes in the power of communities, and as a result it’s bottom-up strategy will ensure that its people have the maximum opportunity to participate, stay motivated and make a difference. After all, combating climate change effectively requires that people be actively engaged.

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