Staying true to its mission to be the helpful place, ACE is helping the planet this Earth Day by encouraging more electronic recyclables to be dropped off at its stores. The home improvement destination has already collected 4,000 kgs of e-waste and batteries from its Dubai stores, thanks to its eco-conscious customers.

Originally launched on World Environment Day in 2021, ACE’s popular e-waste recycling program works in collaboration with Green Land Recycling, a local waste recycling management company. To offer this service to more customers in the UAE, ACE has plans to expand this initiative in the coming months to its Yas Island store as well, giving customers in Abu Dhabi a convenient way to dispose of e-waste safely.

What kind of e-waste does ACE offer to recycle?

ACE’s e-waste recycling program accepts batteries as well as home and kitchen appliances. Those looking to recycle old batteries can do so at any ACE store in Dubai, while appliances can be dropped off at ACE in Dubai Festival City and Festival Plaza, Jebel Ali.

Most batteries, including alkaline, lead acid, primary lithium, lithium ion, nickel metal batteries, and zinc carbon, can be accepted. ACE stores in Dubai Festival City and Festival Plaza offer recycling of all appliances, including IT gadgets such as laptops and mobile phones, as well as home and kitchen electronics like kettles, toasters, microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners.

The importance of recycling electronic waste

When conventionally disposed, e-waste makes its way to landfills where harsh temperatures unleash toxic chemicals into the air, damaging the environment as a result. These toxic chemicals also seep into the ground, polluting soil and groundwater and impacting land and marine life.

Electronic waste that is dropped off at ACE is collected, sorted, shredded, and baled by Green Land Recycling, who also ensure that any hazardous materials collected are safely disposed of, following the municipality’s guidelines.

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