Most of us spend majority of our time at work, but fail to ensure we work in the right area, and more importantly with the right employee. Nearly one-third of our lives is spent at work, and to boost productivity and encourage work-life balance, the UAE introduced several new initiatives starting this year. Eurovets – the leading distributor for the UAE’s animal health industry offers a comprehensive premium product range for small to large animals, also offers employees a great working environment where they feel comfortable, encouraged and part of a community / family.

According to Eurovets, a competitive salary and job title are no longer key success measures at work, but other factors need to be considered, such as enough time to focus on physical and mental health, free time, growth opportunities, etc. are vital areas for employees when choosing to work with an organisation.

As such, Eurovets believes and practices the below to ensure a great work environment for its staff:

Career growth and training

At Eurovets, the staff are offered career growth opportunities every step of the way. From training programs to virtual workshops, e-learning and exploring new opportunities, employees are given a chance to grow.

Diverse community

Eurovets believes in diversity and inclusion and has people from different walks of life working at the organisation. Their large pool of talent offers employees an opportunity to learn from people who are experts in their field, which is great for professional and personal development. A third of the team is females.

Office perks

Eurovets offers several perks for its employees, from subsidized memberships at health clubs to social events. The company also offers flexible working hours, paid maternity / paternity leave, sick leave, employee discounts, rewards and much more.

Job security

Security is the most important element of a job. At Eurovets, employees are offered long term contracts, insurance plans and several other benefits that secures and safeguards the employee.

Support outside of work

While Eurovets encourages office-based work, it also supports work from home and flexible working hours. Eurovets respects and allows its employees to work around personal commitments (parental commitments, pet parenting, commuting difficulties, etc.)

Shape Your Career

At Eurovets you have the opportunity to grow and progress. So if you are from the veterinary industry and have experience working with a reputable firm, join Eurovets to explore your next level of growth!

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