Art enthusiasts and collectors have a unique opportunity to own a piece of history at ART DUBAI 2024. Cinello, an Italian company pioneering digital art ownership, will showcase their innovative Digital Artwork (DAW®) initiative, offering numbered, authenticated, and framed digital versions of iconic masterpieces.

Cinello collaborates with leading museums and contemporary artists to recreate iconic works like Da Vinci’s “Scapigliata” using their patented technology, ensuring unmatched precision and authenticity. Each DAW® is a limited edition, enhancing its value and collectability. Additionally, Cinello’s technology guarantees the security and irreplicability of each piece through unbreachable encryption.

Beyond the value proposition for collectors, Cinello highlights the sustainability and eco-friendly nature of digital ownership compared to traditional art collecting, reducing environmental impact.

Franco Losi, CEO of Cinello, emphasizes their dual commitment to innovation and sustainability. “We believe digital platforms offer tremendous potential for preserving and disseminating the world’s artistic heritage,” he says, expressing their excitement to showcase DAW® at Art Dubai.

Cinello’s approach extends beyond classical art. They collaborate with contemporary artists like fuse* studio, who see DAW® as a new platform to present their work and reach new audiences.

This innovative approach is redefining digital art ownership. At ART DUBAI 2024, held from March 1-3, visit Cinello at the IMMATERIKA booth to explore a captivating collection of DAW® pieces, featuring both renowned masters like Fabrizio Plessi and emerging talents like YOU (Matteo Mandelli). Witness the future of art ownership unfold at this landmark event.

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