Expo City Dubai is set to dazzle as it launches the much-anticipated Dhai Dubai Light Art Festival, illuminating Al Wasl Plaza from January 26 to February 4, 2024. This inaugural festival promises an extraordinary cultural experience, weaving together the profound influence of light, art, and heritage.

Spearheaded by Expo City Dubai in collaboration with AGB Creative and curated by luminaries Amna Abulhoul and Anthony Bastic AM, the festival aims to ignite the spirit of Al Wasl Plaza with an enchanting blend of Emirati artistry and international creativity.

At the heart of the festival is a celebration of Emirati talent, nurturing local artists and offering them a global stage to showcase their brilliance. Dr. Saeed Mubarak bin Kharbash, CEO of the Arts and Literature sector at Dubai Culture, emphasized the festival’s role in enhancing the cultural landscape and providing a platform for artists to express their Emirati identity and diverse perspectives.

The festival’s Executive Creative Director, Amna Abulhoul, envisions the event as a canvas for Dubai’s heartbeat, where each illuminated piece of art tells a story etched in light. Al Wasl Plaza transforms into a luminous epicenter, weaving together personal journeys, cultural heritage, and profound inspirations, serving as an ode to Emirati identity and pride.

Amna Abulhoul further expressed a commitment to empowering local talents and nurturing emerging artists, fostering a sense of nationalism as their narratives unfold on the global stage.

Co-curator Anthony Bastic AM echoed this sentiment, inviting residents and global visitors to partake in this cultural celebration. Beyond visual aesthetics, the festival offers engaging workshops, stimulating panel discussions, and specially curated dinners, providing a multi-dimensional experience that transcends the visual delight of the radiant installations.

Dhai Dubai Light Art Festival is a celebration of the interplay between light, culture, and artistic expression. It invites everyone to witness the beauty of light and culture intertwine, encouraging inspiration and fostering a deeper understanding of the stories that shape a nation.

Join Expo City Dubai in January 2024 at Al Wasl Plaza for an unforgettable journey through the essence of light, culture, and art.

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