The award-winning team at Farzi Dubai best known for creating the modern Indian cuisine scene in Dubai have launched a brand-new menu across both city hot spots. Constantly evolving and revolutionising Indian food the new menu revisits all time-favourites, whilst introducing unique and fresh plates developed by the culinary geniuses at Farzi. Expect globally inspired, playful Indian food that is in line with the #Farzified personality. 

Farzi Dubai Executive Chef Gaurav Bathla says,“I cannot wait for diners to experience our new menu this November where we push flavour combinations to the limit while keeping the new concept super fresh and innovative. We are catering to the cutting-edge palates of the city’s food lovers and while our restaurants are adored by locals and expats alike, we wanted to give them an even greater reason to come back. The new menu has a totally new and up-to-date look and feel, delivering a juxtaposition of more traditional flavours, focusing more on tapas style and bite-sized sharing concepts whilst updating the taste profile of Farzi’s most beloved plates.” 

With fun at the forefront of the Farzi experience, dishes are designed to be shared between friends and family. New menu standouts include a fresh salad made with locally sourced crispy kale and mango topped with crumbled feta and toasted pecans; and Instagram worthy Palak Patta Chaat – a vibrant green spinach fritters, beetroot pink yoghurt and a mint and tamarind chutney creating that perfect balance of sweet and sour flavours piled high and eaten like nachos. 

New mains such as melting slow-braised lamb topped with crisp shards of deep-fried eggplant served with fresh Afghani bread; a juicy lemon chicken biryani so good, chefs will wonder why they never thought of it; and a light and sweet veggie yoghurt curry – melding together the spices of Rajasthan with butternut squash-filled gnocchi. Still not convinced? Try the new Afghani Pista Korma – a culinary hybrid blending stuffed chicken tikka with pistachio gravy. Served with fierce and fluffy chilli naan, this delicious dish won’t stay a secret for long. 

Farzi’s new small plates are designed to be shared, but they are so inventively delicious that there might be a battle or two over the last forkfuls. The fish chaap is a Kolkata-style fish cake that must not be missed. It is produced with fermented charcoal batter and burnt acidic ash, giving it a dark colour yet bursting with flavour. It is served with a delectable tomato and mustard sauce. A traditional Farzi-style fusion dish called tikka is also available. It is made with the best wagyu beef and Asian flavours, and it is served with a mushroom patê and sumac onion salad. 

Debut big hitters on the ‘Roast & Grills’ section include Achari Black Cod, marinated for 48 hours and served with a fresh fennel salad and roast pepper chutney; plus a paneer tikka stuffed with nuts and served with a pesto-laced naan fresh from the tandoor and a fresh tomato and onion salad sprinkled with spice. 

Topping off the city’s most exciting menu switch-up in 2022, desserts include the mighty Avocado Gulkand Kulfi – incorporating a bright green iced lolly made with fresh avocado layered with rose jam, rose syrup, reduced milk and topped with candy floss flakes. The Snickers Brownie Shell is specially created for the chocoholics of Dubai, this tooth-tingling sweet dish combines a perfect chocolate shell stuffed with homemade ice cream and a brownie bursting with Snickers pieces topped with a fluffy pecan meringue. 

Founder & Managing Director of Farzi and Massive Restaurants Zorawar Kalra adds, “Dubai boasts one of the world’s most diverse and sophisticated dining audiences and a truly world-class restaurant scene. We are thrilled to announce our next evolution in the Farzi culinary journey and with the help of chef Gaurav who will help us meet and exceed the standards of our flavours that Farzi is known for. The new menu under chef Gaurav takes influences from our international outposts including London and Canada and creates a regional twist using locally sourced ingredients and incredible Middle Eastern flavours to both our Dubai restaurants.” 

For more information on Farzi Dubai visit or follow @FarziDubai . For reservations at City Walk 0526892012 and Mall of the Emirates 0504075590.