FloBerry Boutique, synonymous with luxury in floral design, has taken opulence to new heights with the introduction of the world’s most expensive flower arrangement. Each creation in this extraordinary collection is not just a bouquet but a symphony of elegance, coupled with a unique offer that includes iconic Hermès bags as a delightful bonus.

FloBerry Boutique’s latest collection is a breathtaking fusion of exclusive florals sourced directly from Ecuador and Europe. These meticulously crafted arrangements transcend traditional gifting, offering a unique combination of beauty and extravagance. The collection promises to redefine luxury gifting with a touch of FloBerry’s commitment to providing the finest and exceptional blooms available.

What sets this collection apart is the exclusive offer that accompanies each purchase. Customers investing in the luxurious AED301,000 arrangement will not only receive an exquisite Hermès Kelly 28 Crocodile in Color Vert Cypress but will also revel in an ensemble of unparalleled beauty. For those seeking elegance at AED177,000, the Hermès Constance 18cm Crocodile in Color Gris Ciment awaits, while an arrangement priced at AED146,400 comes with the iconic Birkin 25 Ostrich in Color Hermes 2024 Apricot.

FloBerry Boutique ensures that luxury is accessible to all. For an arrangement worth AED47,000, customers can choose between the Hermès Hac A Dos PM in Color Noir Black or the Hermès Kelly Depeches 25 Pouch Togo Leather, Color Noir Black, with the purchase of an AED44,000 arrangement. All prices are exclusive of VAT, providing customers with transparency in their extravagant choices.

Yevgeniy Vaigandt, Co-Founder of FloBerry Boutique, shared his thoughts on the exclusive collection, stating, “At FloBerry, we believe in transcending the ordinary and redefining luxury gifting. Our exclusive collection of the world’s most expensive flower arrangements, paired with iconic Hermès bags, is a testament to our commitment to providing unparalleled experiences. We invite our discerning clientele to indulge in the extraordinary and celebrate life’s moments with unmatched elegance.”

Situated at R13, Residence Building 7, Bluewaters Island, FloBerry Boutique invites connoisseurs into a world of extravagance. The meticulously designed space, adorned with black and gold aesthetics, promises an immersive luxury experience that complements the exclusivity of its offerings.

The world’s most exclusive flower arrangements, each paired with an iconic Hermès bag, are now available at FloBerry Boutique for a LIMITED TIME. To order and partake in this extravagant experience, please call +971 58 980 4355, visit their website www.floberry.ae, or follow their Instagram @floberryboutique. FloBerry Boutique is open daily from 10 am to 12:00 am.