Step into a transcendent culinary affair at Babushka, the newly launched Slavic haven nestled within Pavilion at The Beach in JBR. A two-day spectacle awaits as Chef Slava and the culinary maverick, Chef Marusya Naumova, converge their talents to curate a gastronomic ode to Georgia.

Immerse yourself in the essence of Georgia’s culinary legacy on January 13th and 14th, as Babushka transforms into a stage for a “Four Hands Chef” collaboration. Witness the fusion of Slavic charm with authentic Georgian flavors, marking the inception of a series of international culinary events hosted by Babushka.

Alexander Syrnev, co-owner of Babushka, expresses the heartfelt mission behind this celebration, aiming to honor grandmothers’ culinary legacies worldwide. The event promises to share cherished recipes and cultural richness, celebrating the foundation of dishes passed down through generations.

Chef Marusya Naumova, a powerhouse in Georgian gastronomy, will lead diners on an immersive journey through underrated Georgian cuisine. Indulge in a Georgian gastronomic dinner on the 13th and an “Old New Hash” Sunday Brunch on the 14th, paying homage to the Slavic tradition of the “Old New Year.”

The menu is a revelation of Georgian culinary artistry, featuring Octopus Satsivi, a modern Khinkali twist, Marbled Beef Tataki with Tkemali sauce, and the enchanting Moti dessert. These culinary delights are expertly paired with Georgian wines, promising a symphony of flavors.

Chef Marusya Naumova’s illustrious culinary journey, including prestigious awards and her commitment to preserving Georgian authenticity, amplifies the significance of this collaboration. Her mission to showcase her family’s Georgian recipes echoes through Babushka’s endeavor to evolve Slavic cuisine by embracing global influences.

Sergey Lavrentyev, co-owner of Babushka, emphasizes the cultural exchange and appreciation fostered by inviting celebrated chefs like Chef Marusya Naumova. Babushka stands as a beacon for culinary exploration, a place where patrons can savor breathtaking views while embarking on a gastronomic journey that merges Slavic and Georgian flavors.

Join Babushka on this voyage of culinary innovation, bridging cultures and setting the stage for a harmonious fusion of gastronomic wonders. Reserve your spot at the Georgian Culinary Weekend on January 13th at 7:00 pm and the “Old New Hash” lunch on January 14th at 2:00 pm. Prices are AED300 for dinner and AED450 for lunch.

Contact +971 58 908 1100 for reservations and inquiries.

Instagram: @babushka.dxb
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