The vibrant culinary scene in Dubai has witnessed a remarkable addition, Homer Lobster, a dynamic Parisian street eatery, stealing the spotlight and winning over the city’s food aficionados. Melding Parisian culinary finesse with Dubai’s rich tapestry of cultures, Homer Lobster has swiftly risen to local stardom, emerging as a cherished favorite among gastronomes.

Now, in an electrifying twist, Homer Lobster is gearing up to headline at Sole DXB, the pinnacle of Dubai’s hip-hop calendar. Sole DXB, renowned for its celebration of urban culture and style, is poised to mark a half-century of hip hop with the presence of icons like Busta Rhymes and other pioneers of the genre.

Nestled within this vibrant celebration, Homer Lobster is set to tantalize taste buds with their authentic lobster rolls that encapsulate Parisian sophistication intertwined with the pulse of Dubai’s street culture.

Dubai’s foodies and hip-hop enthusiasts alike are cordially invited by Homer Lobster to savor what’s acclaimed as the “World’s Best Lobster Roll” at Sole DXB—an event that promises an eclectic fusion of haute cuisine and urban rhythm.

The convergence of gastronomic mastery and the beats of hip hop will be an unmissable experience at Sole DXB. Join Homer Lobster in celebrating 50 years of hip hop, as they craft unforgettable moments at the crossroads of fashion, music, and culture.

Event Details:

  • Date: December 8th – 10th
  • Venue: Sole DXB, Dubai Design District D3

Instagram: @homerfoodgroup
Visit the Website for more details.