Hotpack Global, the UAE-based leader in sustainable packaging products, has joined forces with Spinneys, a prominent supermarket chain, to introduce a groundbreaking initiative in the retail industry. The partnership marks a significant milestone in the UAE’s sustainability efforts by launching 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) shopping bags for Spinneys’ retail outlets across the country. This collaboration sets a new standard for eco-friendly retail packaging solutions without compromising on quality.

Hotpack Global’s Environment Day initiative takes a giant leap forward with the introduction of PCR shopping bags manufactured entirely from recycled materials. By embracing this innovative approach, Spinneys becomes the first retailer in the UAE to offer customers a sustainable and convenient shopping experience while actively contributing to reducing plastic waste.

Hotpack’s collaboration with Spinneys demonstrates both companies’ dedication to promoting the circularity of plastics and creating a cleaner environment. The PCR shopping bags not only reduce plastic waste but also showcase exceptional durability, capable of carrying weights of up to 10 kilograms. This partnership exemplifies a shared vision for a sustainable future, emphasizing the importance of eco-friendly alternatives in the retail industry.

Mr. Abdul Jebbar PB, Group Managing Director of Hotpack Global, expresses pride in the collaboration, stating, “We are taking a leap forward in the retail industry by introducing PCR shopping bags that are not only environmentally friendly but also offer superior functionality. Hotpack remains committed to driving positive change and making a lasting impact on the global packaging landscape.”

Mr. Sunil Kumar, CEO of Spinneys, echoes the enthusiasm, stating, “We are excited to partner with Hotpack Global and be the first retailer to introduce PCR shopping bags as part of our sustainable initiative. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to environmental responsibility and offers our customers a convenient and eco-friendly shopping experience.”

To ensure the highest standards of quality and environmental responsibility, the PCR resins used in manufacturing the shopping bags are certified by Global Recycling Standards. This certification guarantees the sustainability and contribution to plastic waste reduction. Hotpack’s PCR shopping bags for Spinneys are a testament to the company’s ongoing efforts to revolutionize the packaging industry. By prioritizing sustainability, Hotpack aims to inspire other retailers and consumers to adopt eco-friendly alternatives, creating a collective movement towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Hotpack Global’s commitment to circularity in its supply chains is further evidenced by its recently unveiled technologically advanced facility at National Industries Park in Dubai. The facility utilizes 100% PCR PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) material, generating zero waste. Furthermore, the company plans to invest one billion Saudi Riyals in constructing the world’s largest sustainable packaging plant in the Kingdom.

Hotpack Global’s impressive track record includes being the largest producer of food packaging goods in the Middle East, with a diverse portfolio of over 4,000 products. With a workforce of 3,500 employees, the company markets its goods to over 106 countries worldwide, operating in 16 countries, including the Middle East, the United Kingdom, the United States, India, Malaysia, and Africa.

Hotpack Global’s partnership with Spinneys represents a significant milestone in the UAE’s sustainable retail landscape. By introducing 100% post-consumer recycled shopping bags, both companies are leading the way in promoting eco-friendly alternatives and reducing plastic waste. With a shared commitment to environmental responsibility, this collaboration sets an inspiring example for the retail industry and encourages a more sustainable future for all.

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